Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lunch date invitation

Last Friday after my appointment with a friend, I was suppose to meet up with Bob-da-bi for lunch and note that it was already 2pm at that time. He was still out with his parents hence I went to his house and waited for him. He didn’t returned home till almost 2.45pm. Arghhh!!!! I waited that long what the carrot!

We’re supposed to go Kaizen waterfront since we’ve never been there and of course, by the time we reached there (at like 3pm), it’s closed already. Feeling hungry and super grumpy, Bobby looked at me guiltily and promised that we’ll come again next week. I replied with a cold tone, “See first lah. You make appointment with me first, I don’t know if I’ll be free or not next week”

Guess what, that silly boy created an event in fb and invited me to this “Super Lunch”!



Hmmm.. should I go or not leh?

Laughing out loud

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