Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The makan trip that went wrong

So, the initial plan was driving up to BSB just for Nasi Penyet in Pondok Sari Wangi. And we reached there at almost 3pm and ate our lunch. I know, super gung-ho right.

After eating, we went to the Mall jalan-jalan and met up with Reduan, our ex-colleague and went to Swensen for icecream. This trip was nothing but a weight-gaining trip really.

And when we’re happily eating ice cream, Arina told us her story of surprise disappointment. Twice she experienced waiters taking a birthday cake and singing birthday song when she’s out dining with her family, thinking that it was for her, she was acting really enthusiastic about it and…. the waiters just walked passed her and put the cake down on the neigbouring table. Not once, but twice she encountered disappointment like that. Kasian kan..

Hence we planned to surprise her, since her birthday was just around the corner. We split into 3 group, one go get the bag she likes in Charles & Keith, I went to get the cake and the last group kept her entertained and stay connected with us.

And the plan worked out just right!

Birthday girl was really really happy.


So, after everyone finished shopping, makan happily, it’s time to go home. It was already almost 6pm so we thought we can be back home before 7.30.. and guess what

human count might as well sky count!
(please use direct Chinese translation)

Tyre puncture!

Since I’m the only one who knows how to change tyre, I’m actually quite prepared to get my hands dirty but God really loves us, a kind-hearted couple who parked next to us helped us!

Mr. 411

While Deedz was calling Reduan to come back and rescue us (send her to Serusop to collect the burgers she ordered… –___-“) 

The girls learning… but right after this photo was taken, 2 of them went to “communist” and the rest of us just stood there and acted like bimbos… (except for me, hahahhaa)

By the time the tyre was done, it was already 7pm. And we still need to go to Pasar Malam Gadong so we split into two teams, I drove the girls to pasar gadong, whereas Deedz and Bibi.R went to Serusop with Reduan and meet up in Giant Rimba once we’re all done.

I got home at 9.30pm!!! Tired, smelly and feeling real ugly.

Anyways, I was happy that day because I bought a lot of stuffs.

(And I know FussyKelly is going to say I’ve changed! No more karit-king. Wait till you see what I bought ah)

Cute polka dot super comfy pant – $6.90
Leggings – $3.90
Cotton dress (plan to wear to sleep.. think wear out also can) – $5!
Earphones – $7.90 
Ring – $3.90

And my favorite of all…
Leopard print Clutch!

It’s so pretty!!!! And only $19.90!!!!!!
I saw it on Monday and thought.. if I see it again, I will definitely buy it because we’re all in a hurry that time. Then yesterday before our movie showed, I dragged Bobby to Utama Grand and bought it.

So in love with it now~


48 said...

reli like the legging.. get me one next time u see it?

Nonnie King said...

bah, when i go utama grand i buy for u ar. by the time we meet, banyak presents already!

nytowl said... nice of u & ur frens to surprise Arina like that.

Nonnie, I'm wondering if you know anyone who can assist someone when she starts her term at University of Keele. Mostly alot of questions only really. Being a 1st time traveller, any assistance will be of great value. Thx for taking the time to think about this.

Rabbit Sim said...

Oooo I like the leopard clutch and what a bargain!