Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free Meal

After the 100 Days project.. I really don’t know what to update in my blog. Maybe just my daily ramblings.. if you all don’t mind.

Today after our usual Tuesday meeting/sharing session/bengkel/taklimat, we went to our usual spot to chillax. What the huckleberry! I am using the word CHILLAX!!!

Anyways, I only ordered a glass of kasturi teh ping and the rest of my colleagues each ordered something. When all the food arrived, the girls immediately said the portion was too big for them and asked me to share a bit. I took an empty plate, and started to go seat by seat scoping food from their plate… and ended up with this!

One big plate of food!

Clockwise from upper left: Roti John HK style, maggi goreng, mamak maggi goreng (my new found favorite, very refreshing, not as lemak as other place) and fries with cheese sauce.

They all laughed when saw my plate (pasal penuh!) and said must take picture and post in fb or my blog. So here is it, me blogging it.

Boh dui… karang kana ucap I karit again, leaching on people’s food…

Super full now.
Told mom no need to prepare dinner for me and she cut 2 oranges for me.
Healthy also. Hehehehhee.

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