Wednesday, June 1, 2011

100 Days Project: Day 76 – Something that annoys you

I thought a few things… people… for this title. But it all sums up to one word only.


The people who double-park or park at places that’s not suppose to be a parking (seriously, if that space can be parked, what makes you think that the authority don’t know about that and draw a white box for the public!), irresponsible people who prefers to have their arses clean up by others always, like hello…. you’re not the only person with families and priorities okay. Handicapped parking / washroom violators, litter bugs, control freaks, noisy neighbours…. don’t you just feel like pulling your hair out now?

I don’t know lah, I get super annoyed by inconsiderate people one and I’m not going to let them “win” if possible. And most of the time, people beside me will sweat super loads when I was trying to be…. ermm… 正义?

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