Saturday, September 4, 2010

Donate Blood, Save Life


The above items are what I’ve got from donating my blood/platelets and today marks my 10th time of doing so. And yes, I feel proud to be a blood donor (as printed on the tall purple thermos mug).

As long as you’re healthy and fit, free from fever, cold and other illness at the time of donation, weight at least 50kg and 18 years old and above, you’re fit to donate your blood.

There’s a saying in Chinese, “Saving a life exceeds building a seven-storied pagoda”. You never which day you may need the favour from others *touchwood* and don’t wait till it’s too late to regret.

(And I kind of make a list in my head of people who have the same blood type as me.. you know, just incase..)

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