Sunday, September 19, 2010

DoDo & DaDa

Today Bobby and I decided to make something crafty with our hands.
Plushies! Bought them when I was in Taiwan (I bought like… 8 of them!)

Think you can order from their websites too.

Bobby, picked dung-dung and I heart giraffe!

End product,


And.. you know what.. rupanya Bobby really did it wrong. It’s suppose to be more 3D and a bit of cone shape like this I found from the webpage.

But sokay, still cute nonetheless.

There, my boyfriend sewing for the first time.


Pu3 said...

o_O Such an interesting website! Thank you for introducing

Nonnie King said...

You should go Taiwan really! So many useless cute stuffs to "wow" on! Hahhahaaa.