Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blur like sotong



I’m super clueless (at times)… well, that’s because I remain blissfully ignorant about things most of the times. Or, I’m just not interested and pure lazy.

So ya, I’m going to share you two stories about how blur/silly (stupid is such a strong word and I’m so not going to use it on myself! Humph!) I can be.


Story #1

Sheepy (not her real name of course) was driving me while on our way to pick up a student for competition. On our way, we passed by this housing area and I saw an ice cream sign and happily squealed with joy,

“Eeee!!!! Got sell ice cream here! So good one!!!”

You know.. homemade ice cream~ Sure good kan?

Sheepy looked at me and said,

“Nonnie… atu NISAN lah!!”

(Yes, this one! Won’t you think they sell ice cream too?)

In my head I was like.. “Nissan not car manufacturer meh? Got ice cream also?”. But, to save my water face, must act normal and calm one.

“Err… Nissan what?”

Sheepy was already laughing like mad when I mistakened Nisan (kubur) as ice cream.. Took her quite a while to explain to me what is nisan.

And I was like…

“You can’t blame me okay. They sell ice block also. And… that (nisan) does look like ice cream in a cone bah!”

There…. how I learn a new Malay vocab, Nisan.

Story #2

Went raya-ing with bunch of colleagues and laksa was served.

So, I self-serviced took the meehoon and some condiments to go with it and could find the laksa soup. Took a few look and saw a green colored water dispenser with orange-y liquid dripping and thought,

“Wow, this is so thoughtful. No need to scoop the soup and sure got no oil (since oil’s density is light than water, hence floating, duh..) somemore! So smart eh! Innovative!”

And I proceed to turn the knob for the soup till the host yelled in horror,

“EH!!!! ATU TEH TARIK!!!!”

dot dot dot

Then, I became a joke again.

My colleagues said I want to eat Teh tarik laksa…


Really can go dig hole and hide my head inside.

Promise me after you read this blog post you won’t think of me as a bimbo (though.. I have to admit it is quite bimbotic)

There, some photos from Raya-ing to fill up this post.

Look how much little Dayna, the speedy crawler has grown!

(Okay, the teh tarik incident happened in the house above in the picture..)


Dress : NT100 from Taiwan!

B$5! $5 okay! Comes with the belt too don’t play play!

And those comfy gorgeous shoes.. Bought by my darling 48, NT390.
BND17 ah!!!!!

No pantang lah.. I know cannot give shoes one cos it’s like, asking the person to leave you.

But, I laughed and said.. “Cheh, 你都已经走远远了啦。。”

Meaning, she’s already far away from me, oh.. nevermind liao.

Well.. still gave her NT10 macam I bought those shoes from her lah.


27 said...

Hi non...hahahahhaahhahaha sakit parut ketawa read lah..kesian hehehe tapi i know how you feel..i do that too but not to your extent hahaha teh tarik laksa!! hahaha baru tu! i have something to laugh about now with acai hahahaha

Nonnie King said...

I think out-of-the-box mah~
Ya.. she's the witness to everything. One day I might wanna murder her. Hahahah

Effy said...

Hahahaha... atu ya Nonnie. Teh tarik laksa. Really cali that part. The nisan to me looks like ice cream oso. Haha. Aku pun sama macam you kali.
But u made my night lah and here i am emo'ing.
Thanks for the post!

Nonnie King said...

Well, our birthdays are only one day apart so I guess we can be similar in a lot of (silly) ways. nyek nyek nyek.

And, cheer up ya.

lulu said...

hahah funny lah you, teh tarik laksa!! HAHA

got the same dress as yours. and i got it for nearly 30 bucks. fml.

Nonnie King said...

Lulu : Aiyah.. so ngam clearance sale mah. Next time you want to go Taiwan go during August/Sep. The Taiwan auntie say start October, they will sell long sleeve thick baju liao.

That time I went Ego also want to buy liao, but I die die tahan!

And ya, teh tarik laksa is the bomb!