Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lestoren Nie-Non-Wo-Non


I’m not addicted to Cafe World, but I’m maintaining my kiasu-ness.

I was hyped when CW released new stuffs but only to find out those decors need CW cash to buy… Cheh. And, I suck in decorating the restaurant!


Ummmm… Look closely and you’ll realised the tables were arranged into a Chinese word, popular in mahjong.

LOL. Macam kaki-judi.
Actually, I can’t really play mahjong… too complicated for me. I remember the combinations but I can’t calculate the “fan-s”.

Lami is way simpler.

And my restaurant name lawa or not? It has my name in it and it actually means “Lovey Dovey” in Mandarin.

… okay, got nothing to say orleli…


p/s: Back to colouring… Okay, I’m just finding excuse not to colour and hence I blog. Gosh, BOBBY LIM! YOU BETTER LIKE WHAT YOU’RE GETTING!!!!

even though it sucks…..

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