Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happenings in Sibu 2010


Only photos and captions in this post.
Oh oh, Happy Chinese New Year to all the Chinesesssss (LOL! I just plural-ised Chinese wtf)!

(Next post will be on Bobby’s bday, maybe?)

New air craft of MASWING. Instead of flight attendants doing the safety demonstration, we just viewed it from the screen which in my opinion, is way better.

(You know sometimes you don’t feel like seeing but having the cabin crew standing there in front of you, you feel malu if you don’t pay attention to them. And, I’d never know where’s the exact location of the life jacket until I saw the video! How handy!)

Land, sea and air.

Paid almost RM1.2k for 3 return tickets (55mins journey) and received glass of apple juice and an awful muffin. Thanks AirAsia, kenapa lu tak ada flight from Miri to Sibu?


Dropped the hand-carry Ebiko and the baby octopus in red sauce (I forgot the name).

There’s a short story behind those food.
I was happily enjoying my meal at Senja lounge and suddenly remembered that my cousin asked to buy from ebiko and the baby octopus and.. it was already like 8.45pm!!! I freaked out and wanted to stop eating and drive to SnoFood just to get me those food liao. Hahahhaa. Kasian kan that guy?

Thank God I have Siew Fong’s number and called her up. Quickly finished up our main courses and tapao-ed the dessert and zoomed to Gadong again. The sign on the door showed “CLOSE” but there’s still shop attendants inside and I just muka tembok-tembok went it. Phew, lucky SF had the shop hours extended just for me to buy. =D


Went to Delta Mall.

Look look! They have like 4 different flavors of takoyaki!
- Spicy Shark ???
- Cheese Sausage ???
- Mushroom Chicken ???
- Prawn flavor ???
- Sotong ???

Weird kan! Mushroom chicken takoyaki!

I have no idea what flavor my cousin bought but it was good though.
Less tepung *cough*than the one in the Mall *cough* more ingredients.     


Sibu, looks like this!

A lot of people asked me how is Sibu like and so here, there’s a photo for you to see. I asked my cousins the population and the area of Sibu and so far no one can answer me. Nevermind, I go ask wikipedia!


Sibu is an inland town, and the capital of Sibu District (229.8 square kilometers) in Sibu Division, Sarawak, east Malaysia. It is located at the confluence of the Rajang and Igan Rivers, some 60 kilometers from the ocean. The population is dominated by Chinese especially the Fuzhou as well as indigenous Melanau, Malay, and Iban. The district population (per year 2009 census) is 264,000.


Mom’s hazel eye!
Jealous!!!!! Why didn’t I inherit those double eye lids and eye color!


Sibu’s famous Kampua… which… I think …. Seria Kolomee still WIN!
Humphhh! It’s my blog and I say Seria Kolomee better then Seria kolomee BETTER!


The man in the middle of the photo damn teruk.
He asked for money (RM5) tables to tables and after a round of asking, he ordered a plate of kampua and ate it.

What the… got hands got legs healthy healthy there beg for money!


Sibu’s famous Diang Miang Ngu from Chop Hing Huong.
Ermm.. it’s in Foochow so maybe it sounds a bit weird.

Sad, no “special” on the day we visited!
(by special, it’s just adding cuttlefish in it)


The little alley where you can find those yummy goodies!


Old school Barber shop



When I saw this old lady selling those “doggy” banks.. it reminded me of this ex-classmate of mine who was so extreme sampai note papers with dog prints she also didn’t want to touch…


Searched high and low for this.


Sibu’s famous ikan masin…
After so many years, my mum still goes back to the same vendor to buy those ikan masin. Not for self-consumption, just to help others buy.

Kasian us okay! When people know we’re going to Sibu for CNY, they started to make a list and asked my mum to buy them this and that. Ikan masin and the 8-zhen herbal packs sampai one big box!





Eng-eng-bo-tai-ji-zho… playing with the hinges there.


I super hate this!!!!
Damn gross when they make soup out of it!


Tipu one.
龟苓膏 (gui ling gao) ≠ Coconut jelly okay!


Kana saman for illegal parking!


*cough* You see nothing


My Yi-zhang’s super tokong phone!
Look damn high tech kan the Nokia 2100 without casing.


My grandma’s hand..
I miss holding her hand and stroking it to keep her warm.
I know she knew it’s me who’s holding her hand….


I prepared this with my cousin!
Now I know how to wrap dumplings and my tamago yaki damn sucessful can! Thick thick one though I used those big ass Chinese wok to fry them.

The End!


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