Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eeekkkkk!!!!!! SiiiiiiiNEKKKKKKKKKKK !!!


Okay, everyone who has me in their Facebook probably had known this since last Thursday.

Wanted to blog about the JPMC Car Boot Sale on Thursday, but because of this snake incident, I had to clean up my room moved the furniture here and there not to miss a spot and scattered moth balls in every corner.

Traditionally,or mythically, Sulfur wards off snake but look what Shuk Chee found from the internet.

Globally, sulphuric substances can have the following effects on human health:

- Neurological effects and behavioural changes
- Disturbance of blood circulation
- Heart damage
- Effects on eyes and eyesight
- Reproductive failure
- Damage to immune systems
- Stomach and gastrointestinal disorder
- Damage to liver and kidney functions
- Hearing defects
- Disturbance of the hormonal metabolism
- Dermatological effects
- Suffocation and lung embolism




Sulfur itu tidak halau ular, sulfur bunuh kamu wtf.


Okay, here’s the story.

Like any of my weekdays, weekends, okay, everyday lah I admit, I took a short nap (2 hours atu panggil nap masih?), woke up and wanted to get ready for gym. But before that, had to serve my food in Cafe World first.

I was sitting on my bed with my laptop right in front of me while waiting for Cafe World to load. Then I noticed something black appeared on my right. I thought it’s just my laptop bag flapping because of the wind from the table fan. Just seconds later, the black thing appeared again. Black, long and cylindrical. This time confirmed. It’s a snake!!!!

(Goosebumps all over my body still while typing this. And yes, it still haunts me up to today! I keep lifting my legs, poke every bags and boxes with a stick and walk like ninja in and out my room.

I have ophiophobia okay. Even rope or belt on the road make me scream and “suk” my legs up. Don’t you dare to throw rubber snakes on me, unless you want to see your photo on the headlines the next day.)



I got off my bed softly and tiptoed out from my room, not wanting to startle the snake. Because I remembered reading or watching somewhere that snakes have poor vision, but they detect motion. Sudden movements may caused the snake to strike.

I also don’t know why I was still so calm that time. Hence, my stupid guy friends all said this, “So you screamed? What? You’re a girl or not oh?”.

WTF. Just because I’m not afraid of cockroaches, bugs and beetles, doesn’t mean I’m not “ladylike” can? And, who are you to judge whether I ladylike or not? Bobby no complain you complain what. Chew~ I ladylike to Bobby can liao lah, need to show you my feminine side meh? Sap-mong.

K, continue.

I was alone at home that time. I went to my neighbour and told her,
“Yi ah, my room got snake oh….”

And started to scream a little.

My yiyi more daring than me can. She took the plunger with a long handle, broom and I forgot what already, headed to my house and attempted to find the snake because I wasn’t sure if it’s still inside, or went away already, or it’s just my eyes.

Then my father also came back. Both of them super ganas looking for the snake. My auntie heard the hissing sound and traced the snake. The snake was just underneath one of the cabinet, coiling and hissing.

Oh ya, my auntie also brought Shelltox with her, to “pengsan-kan” the snake. Which, I don’t think it works.

I kept shouting from my yiyi’s garage, “Don’t kill it ah, just halau it. Just halau it!”

Well, my religion forbids me to kill. And I don’t want snake blood in my room kali ah! Later the spirit haunt me for life I die ah. And hor, Chinese thinks when snake goes to your house, meaning got fortune.

(But then Malays think it’s bad luch, meaning someone is going to attack you. Then Ibans say someone is going to pinang me wtf.)

Anyway, my father and auntie didn’t manage to kill nor halau the snake. They just trapped the snake in the room and I went to call the bomba.

First time in my life I really really appreciate the existence of firemen. Heroes kali ah! The firemen came 5 ~ 10 minutes later, went to my room, turned my room upside down (which I don’t really mind as long as nada ular) to catch the snake.


Err… according to those brave firemen, the snake was poisonous.
Yes, I use past tense because they killed the snake right in front of my eyes after I took picture of it, zoomed brabis because I didn’t dare to get near the snake.

Oh, btw, one of the firemen is such an eye candy~


Hafiz said it looked like black mamba.


It’s as thick as a broom stick, not very long though…


There, my room….

Took my mother and I 3 hours to clean up the mess.
And to be extra careful that no “leftovers” (eggs and little little ulars), I moved out the furniture, cleaned every corners and scattered moth balls everywhere. 

Sigh, spring clean came early.
Oh well… At least I have less work during CNY.

Don’t ask me how the snake got in.
I have no idea too.
Unless you want to find bomoh and find the snake’s spirit to question.
I assume it came in through the gap underneath my door.
I don’t want to think about it.

Stare at the picture any longer and I’m going to puke.


Syahirah Yakob said...

Woah. Freaky. :0 thank god you are fine :) if it were to happen to me, i would scream endlessly. Freakyfreakyfreaky.

Dania805 said...

OMG!!!! im reading ur post - sitting on my bed with laptop infront of me! urgh!!! galii!!! i started to think MAYBE i need to spring clean my room too!!! the chances still ada bah! my house dekat dgn hutan so, chances ada!! OMG!! wake up call! lucky u eh, den u realized... if masa tdur.... Nauzubillah!! will spread the news eyh.. pre-caution to all!

Nonnie King said...

Eyra : Yalah! Damn freaky. In my room on the bed somemore.

Dania : Yes yes. Prevention is always better than cure! Never in a million years that I thought snake would be in my room.

Syahirah Yakob said...

oh my.. did i just heard you say "on the bed"? :O omaigad. that's freakyyyy.

Anonymous said...

i remember once my dad wanna catch a snake in the back of my house and asked me to hold the torchlight while he kiap the snake... i keep backing off and shrieking... in the end my dad grab the torchlight from me and handle it himself haha...

Nonnie King said...

Eyra : Ya lah, that's why I keep freaking myself out up to today.

Anonymous : HAHAHAHA. I wonder if the father of my kids is going to be that brave next time.

48 said...

ya true.. moth balls are banned here one.. can only buy in chinese shops nya
but never heard snakes dun like boh.. only clothes moths kan?
eh the snake si beh scary looking
if me will not sleep at night for like a week

Suria said...

so damn scaryy!!! and the snake is big and black..i would be paranoid after that if it ever happen to me...

sleep pun tak senang! hehehe

48 said...

actually moth balls got sulphur one meh?
who say one o?

Kay said...

It made me laugh about how your aunty brought Shelltox for the snake!


Too bad no photo of the eye candy fireman..would love to see!

You're very brave :P

Nonnie King said...

48 : I read some where moth balls can help repel. I also dunno. Try try see lor.

Suria : I can only sleep well when got ppl at home. If seorang, jadi paranoid tia

48 : Damn malu cos I was wearing pajamas at home only. Malu ba seeing the cute fireman there. I just want to hide myself.

Anonymous said...

eye candy firemen ahaha .. sajuk jua hati