Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Multiple Personality Disorder OR Moodswings

Guy: We’re in an open relationship

Girl: No we’re not. Open relationship means we can simply date someone else okay..

Guy: Is it? Then we’re in a half-open relationship.

Girl: Hello! I’m in a CLOSE-RELATIONSHIP with you. I don’t go date other guys.

Guy: Is it? Oh. Because I’m dating with Nonnie, Chalie and King.

Girl: So who is your favorite then?

Guy: I think I like the old King. She’s more understanding.

Girl: I thought you like Chalie the most?

Guy: No I prefer King cos that’s how I like her.

Girl: I know you don’t like Nonnie, cos she’s the most teruk one.

Guy: Ya lor. And King is not the main one.. its like on/off one.

Girl: Eh, it’s like you’re saying that I got split personality like that. No no no. It’s called Multiple Personality Disorder, I learned from the TVB series about psychiatrists.

Guy: Is it? I thought it’s called MOODSWINGS…

Girl: –__________________-“ HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH!

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