Monday, July 20, 2009

July Happenings


Short Note:

Err… know what. I went to UBD last week hoping to take my result slip and guess what, someone took it already. I’d asked everywhere and no one knows who took it. Bloody hell.

What? My result too good liao is it? That you must bring home and lie to your mother? Sien till… Cilaka one.



Sorry, no pictures of Angkor Wat yet because…. banyak!
So I’m just going to share whatever I feel like blogging ya.



I’m so so so happy that I discovered that Eslite do deliver their books internationally and man, they work fast! And super cheap!

I watch 型男大主厨 and 阿基师 is like an idol to me! He’s humorous and super lihai when it comes to cooking la. So I wanted to buy his books desperately. Auntie much I know.

Due to the current pandemic, I am so not going down to Miri to shop for books and furthermore, I’m not even sure if they have it there. So I tried to search online, my first stop was YesAsia… They have the books there but it costs like USD22 for each books! Mahal mahal!

Then I came across Eslite bookstore, the largest bookstore chains in Taiwan! (I wanna go Taiwan and spend hours and hours there!) So so so cheap! I bought all 3 books and they cost less than BND60 (shipping included). And that’s not all, I ordered it on Sunday night, then on Tuesday.. TNT called me and confirmed with me my IC number and told me the package is coming. Then on Saturday morning, it arrived my doorstep!

This is like the fastest online shopping ever okay.

Buy Amazon, I don’t need you anymore.. I have Eslite already.
Oh ya, sorry if you can’t read Chinese. Your lost.


My new bank bag with a cute Minnie rubber strip.


My hair has reached the annoying length..
kiaw-lai-kiaw-qu… kanasai.

And, my mum hates the cream color flower hair clip. Like 戴孝 wo…


Incase you all had forgotten his face.



Eseh, sexy red lips.

(Eh… do you think that I’m embarrassing him in public?)



Suicidal guide


Monday, 13th July 2009

L-R: Pancake, Atul, Maurina and Tina

We were all very excited about HM’s titah and went out from the cafe just to stay in the car and listen to the news on radio.


Near my house.



Steamboat on 14th July with the Besties.



15th July 2009

The silly guy came down and gave me a surprise visit after reading my text “Sigh.. so sien, nothing to look forward today” and felt all guilty.

Took out the Ikea box filled with all the cards he made and gifts and read through the journal. Sigh, I realised I’ve changed quite a lot eh. Less patient, less romantic and grumpier.. Still, we had a lot of laughter reading all those stupid words we wrote and what we’ve been through. Arguing over the chronologies of happenings and rolling my eyes away, acting all innocent when he found out all his “masterpieces” are all wrecked up because of my carelessness.  


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