Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still alive, but not so kicking

Just a little bit of an update.

So... we're done with all our assignments, next... EXAMINATION!
I can't say I'm not prepare but I am panicking eventhough I'd do some revision.
Just that I'm not confident yet.

Anyway, I had a really fabulous weekend!
Coooo Coooooooooooo COoooooOOoo Magical.
(Pardon the silliness)

I have so many photos waiting for me to edit and post it, if you all still wanna know what happened on my birthday that is.

... Eh kawan-kawan, I still have 2 or 3 birthday gifts belum terima.
*Cough- Cough*

Not to you Soly, I haven't go to Charles and Keith to pick yet.
Will send you the bills after our exams ya.

Another 6 days to first day of exam.
Another 12 days to the other important paper.

At least this Saturday I got a wedding dinner to attend so I can see all my friends all under one roof.


kelly said...

I don think you need our gifts anyway since you already got the best and don appreciate ours bah =p...hahahhaha

@lex said...

what's the story ?

48 said...

wat gifts u got oh? i still haven't found out.

Nonnie King said...

I email you leh 48.

And KellyLST, don't cah-cah-tai-tai there ah. I still need what I want and waiting.

Hahaha.. PSL, tell u this saturday