Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Hiatus

Never thought I'll have a post with this title but yeah, sorry peeps.. I'm going to be real busy for the next 3 weeks overwhelmed by the exam schedule and also a very important test in my life.

I need all the time I can to study and do my revisions whenever and wherever I can.

Gosh, student's life in so challenging.

"Flying colors", I want you!!!!!

Or maybe every now and then I'll just post really short post to divert my attention from studies just to ease my mind a bit.

We'll see.

I just hope you guys will understand why I seemed to be disappearing from my blog that's it.
Give me some luck and motivations.


GroundBeefHeart said...

Stay focus and plenty of good luck. I'll see you here when you're done :P

@lex said...

GOOD LUCK ! Can get the gang out for a break every now n then when you need it ...

War186 said...

Happy holidays Nonn! When you gonna update..since exams are over. :P

War186 said...

Oh shoot! I didn't know I missed out on one whole page's worth of posts! Haha. Later then! :P