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Seoul Fun: Day 4–Everland (Peter Pan Syndrome)

(Peter Pan syndrome as in don’t want to grow up ah, nothing to do with “Ariel” of Indonesia)

Yayyyyy… Day 4…. 2 more days and I’m done posting all my Seoul trip blog posts! But… sad also, that means I have to think of what to blog next. #writersblockwtf

So, due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to postponed our Everland trip one day behind and.. it’s a Saturday. I’d read up in the internet saying that it’s best to avoid visiting Everland during the weekend but… no choice lo. Because… I so not want to go Everland on our last day (Monday), it’s reserved for SHOPPING and whatsoever we had not done.

The easiest and cheapest way to go to Everland, for us.. was by bus of course. You can take MRT to any of the station stated in the website, and later hop on to the bus. Unless you want to sign up tours with those local travel agents and go to Ginseng factory or Gem factory and spent few hours sulking lah. If you want to fully utilized your trip on a budget, please DO YOUR HOMEWORK! And, it’s fun! I don’t know ah, I actually do enjoy read up articles and tips on travelling and plan the itinerary myself. More in control and I know exactly what’s going on.

145 useless photos ahead!

Took MRT to Gangbyeon/Gangnam I can’t remember and followed the crowd and walked to a bus station. Actually, we quite kalok one lor, most of the time when we don’t know the directions and too lazy to ask (because it’s going to be very chicken-talks-to-duck), we just follow our instincts and viola, we got there!

Waited for less than 10 minutes and the bus arrived. The bus station in Seoul is pretty cool (maybe cos I sakai never see such advance bus station), there’s a LED board indicating the number of the next bus arriving and the ETA! Not like our purple bus, you never know when is it going to arrive.

It’s about an hour ride to Everland so we took cat naps, look see look see the scenery (highways) outside, day dream, and…. stared at the disgusting bus driver scratching his feet, digging his nose and stick it to the steering wheel….

Sick smile


An hour later~

Went down the bus and walked to the shuttle bus area. THIS PLACE IS HUGE! While on the bus, we passed by countless numbers of big parking lot and….. PARKING SPACES, 15,000!!!!

CRAZY! It’s like the whole Pandan area transformed in to parking lots!

Here comes to bus.

Hoping in the bus, can already feel the happy atmosphere liao. Seriously, all the staffs in Everland like on pills/batteries, super HIGH you know. They talked non-stop, wave non-stop and smile non-stop. Very helpful, cheerful and seriously nothing like those working in Jerudong Park 15 years ago.

Inside the bus, the driver has his own “room” inside the bus isolated from passengers. But he spoke to the microphone and talked non-stop, asking passengers to say “Wooooo!”, “Ahhhh!” making us really happy and high… like a small kid waiting for banana split.


We’re here!!!!! TOURIST MODE ON!

Broke my sunnies on that day too.. it’s okay, I bought a new pair from Forever 21 the next day.

Tourist Pang showcasing air on his hand.

The ticketing booth

38,000 won per person for a one-day pass.
We saw a lot of kids having year-pass, syok eh!

12pm when we arrived.

The mosque-like building is real, and the one on the right, the one on the “hill”… is fake.

Those merchandizes also very cute lah. Was very tempted to buy the water gun. But, I scare when I bring back to Brunei kana teased by my friends. Or worse, kana questioned how old am I already. (Btw, I’m only 12 years old fyi)


Photo opportunities everywhere!

Queued up for Human Sky cable car. Because.. I’d never sat on it so want to rasa.
(And I know Bobby won’t layan me)

Though the line was long, but it’s moving constantly so the waiting was still bearable. Like, around 10 – 15 minutes only, or less.

I can imagine how tired the staffs were…
And don’t play play, can hang strollers on the cable car one.

His job is to pick up whatever sh*t dropped on the net.

Hello tourist Pang.

Hello polar bears~

The 3 Must-do in Everland:

T Express: The worlds steepest wooden roller-coaster that reaches speeds of up to 104km/h.

The parade: Various parades throughout the year.

Zootopia: A zoo. A mini safari through the zoo can be taken. Animals include bears, tigers and even one liger.


Hence our first stop is the Safari World.


Next, Amazon Express!

This guy was hilarious! He reminds me of chipmunks I don’t know why.
He said thank you in so many different languages “Kamsahamida, thank you, xie xie, arigato” and continued talking in a long string of Korean words I don’t understand. But everyone was well-entertained by him.


No photos of us on the ride because I so don’t want to spoil my camera.

Sweet kan? After the ride, you can see a row of fans and heater to dry yourself up.

Dulan Conan

After every ride, sure will pass by a souvenir shop as exit one. So please don’t get over excited and went crazy buying stuffs because you can find similar items at every store.

Tamu snack~

The tamu snack here in Brunei means cucur, binca, and nasi katoks. Hahhaha

Busy munching while queuing for Safari ride in Zoo-topia.

Hello Lion, I’m King.





Marty, where are you?


White tigers.

For a moment I actually forgot they are violent animals.

Is this.. the liger?

HAHAHHHAHAA. Macam palanting.

The bears can do hi-5, kissy lips and forgot what else. Very cute la.
The bus driver interacts well with the bears.
(Again, I don’t understand a thing when the Korean guy – bus driver was talking)

Nah, the place to queue for Safari World. Waiting time will be shown at the entrance. And if you can’t wait and have extra cash, go for Q-Pass.

Baby-friendly park



Then we arrived my “ultimate excitement of the day” – the T-Express!

T Express is a wooden roller coaster at Everland in Yongin, South Korea. It is South Korea's first wooden coaster, Intamin's fourth wooden coaster with prefabricated track, the first ride of this type in Asia, and the first to utilize three trains. It is currently the world's steepest wooden coaster, breaking El Toro's record by one degree. It is also the world's ninth fastest, fourth tallest, and sixth longest wooden coaster, with El Toro being the third tallest.

T Express was ranked as the world's best wooden coaster in Mitch Hawker's online poll in 2008 and 2010.

From wiki.

Seriously, after reading the above paragraph, HOW CAN ANYONE MISS THIS IF YOU’RE ALREADY IN EVERLAND!!!!

Wooden rollercoaster! Woohooo!!!

I actually kinda tricked them into this. Well, I can go for this ride myself but queuing up alone for 20 minutes is really sien… SL wasn’t very keen in this and Vai said anything. So I told them that this is the world’s steepest rollercoaster, we’re already here worr…. when we’re back in Brunei we can tell people that we’d ride on the world’s steepest roller coaster, or.. we say we miss the ride and kana people question why oh why. It’s not like you get  to go to Everland everyday, every month, or every year right? It can be our first and last time wor….

So yeah… they both went up the ride with me, and came down with serious poker face saying, “I TELL YOU AH, NO NEXT TIME! NO MORE SCARY RIDES!”

They love me one lah, they’re actually happy inside that I forced them. HHAHAHHAHAA. (Song! Can just simply fitnah them in my blog). Don’t you just love to have friends like me?

Okay, we understand #1 because they have English translation.
We understand #2 also because got photos…
But, what the hell is #3 talking about?
Not important one kah?

Graffiti happens everywhere… Guess people got really bored while waiting. Well, at least it’s not some badly drawn 18SX organs.

My heart was already pumping fast when it’s almost our turn.

Storage boxes for us to put our items. Don’t say I didn’t give you all tips ah, please put your glasses, necklaces (you never know), slippers, caps/hats those inside the storage box ya. It’s very safe one, because after everyone put their stuffs in, the wooden cover will slide down ready for the second batch of people. Yes, two rollercoasters operating, hence the line kept moving.

IT WAS A SUPER CRAZY RIDE!!!!!!! Seriously, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. Tears came out, saliva flew out, hair like siao cha bor. Seriously the scariest sh*t ever. Hahhahaha. Was super high when I came down from the ride and couldn’t stop laughing but I don’t believe I just ride on that crazy rollercoaster!

I youtubed it before, and it’s 10000000000000x more exciting than what you see.


Us…. condemned after ride.

And… when I turned around and looked at SL… wah lao, his nasal bridge area was bleeding!

Like this…

He was wearing his glasses and the ride was too fast and furious (wtf), he had to hold his glasses by pushing it with his fingers but the pressure was too strong.. sampai berdarah wah! And the necklace he was wearing kept hitting his face too. Hhahahhhaahhaa.

It’s a good thing that we had lunch only after the ride…


Lunch at cafeteria.. I think?
Pork chop curry rice, shared with SL because we tapao-ed gimbap earlier on before we went to Everland.

Vai’s pickled radish, watermelons, pineapples and… pine nut wine. From the photo, we thought it’s just going to be a small glass.. sekali came out such big glass!

The gimbaps we tapao-ed… out of shape already because “kiap” in my bag. Hehehheee.

My wrist ticket.
Everyday is a holiday indeed!

Came out from the cafeteria and saw this……

End of parade… but fear no more, there’s another coming up. Hehehhee.
Continue jalan jalan.


Another view of T-express.


Next, haunted mansion… nothing scary, it’s just a shooting game.
(At least got aircon there while waiting Smile)

We’re being brought into a room, a staff explained in Korean (me understand nadai) and then switched off the light and a “butler” started talking.

Haunted Mansion

This boy super duper looks like my sai-lou lah, as in my neighbour. Hair style, height, even his specs!

Sit down, take the gun out and shoot all you can!

Vai got the highest score, I got second and SL last.



Beautiful… Imagine taking wedding photos here.


My favorite!

Cute giraffe!

Happiest place of all seriously!
Make me want to bring my kids here next time and let them play with water whole day long.


But sadly, the rose garden had nothing to wow for..
Oh well, rose festival is in May/June anyway~

At least still got sikit sikit roses..

Cooling ourselves down. Those mist fans were life saviors!

Nah Rohana, for you. I didn’t buy so you just see see here ya.

Fooling around in the gift shop.

Wanted to go for bumper ride but the waiting time was 60 minutes…… terima kasih tapi tidak terima kasih.

Aww… I miss this!
But this one macam for kids one, malu I if I go queue also…

Peanut buttered roast squid, must buy because I was curious.

Not bad la, but I think those selling in pasar malam smells and tastes nicer lo.

Flume ride, I super duper wanted to go for this but the waiting time was 90 minutes!!!!!!
Shuang le bah.

Hello Jiminy cricket

Take this pic because…..

Of the popcorn bucket!

Since entering Everland at 12pm, Vai already craved for popcorn when saw other kids eating them but she die die want to resist the temptation.

Errr… I went for this ride (muka tembok) because I want to challenge myself. Ask me to go for any vertical challenge ride and I’ll say yes. But for those spinning one seriously no can do. Pening!

Tulip cup ride~
#foreveralone on silly ride

The frog didn’t want to kiss him.

Nah, for you pervs.

Snacking before heading for the parade.
The cheese stick and popcorn chicken were yummy!

Vai finally gave in and bought popcorns!

So cute the buckets.



Walked back to… forgot what area and waited for the parade.



We’re actually this far away from the stage. The audiences were all wearing raincoats and you can imagine how wet it’s going to be later. Even us with umbrella standing that far also kana.

My, I mean Bobby’s camera zoom is awesome. Hehhehee.

Aiyer, liang zai waving at me~ Hahahahhaha

Bringing cute kids around the stage.

*Boh dui* What’s happening?

Aiks… alien queen ant.
How to kill it?
Easy, WAAAATAAARRRR *brucelee*

It was 6 plus when it’s all done and we’re too tired to walk around anymore.
Calling it a day.

Here’s a funny story.
We’re all resting on a bench facing the exit and Vai asked what’s our plan. We told her that we’re going to get some souvenirs before we go and she pointed the exit saying “Oh, we’re going to buy things” then pointed at the Everland “and then we go right?”.

Seriously no sense of direction one.

Oh, for Rohana to see again. Hehehhe
She’ll probably choke me to death asking me why I didn’t get them for her.

Coolest Etude House I’ve ever seen.

Bye bye Everland.

7pm when we left…
Back to adulthood.. boring…

Blur blur

There’s another funny story that happened to Vai, actually… a lot. I’m just writing it here so that I will remember it whenever I read back my post.

#1 – We’re sitting down at the bus stop waiting for our bus to go back and Vai saw a long line at our left and asked, “Mmmm… are we waiting for the bus? Aren’t we suppose to queue up like them?”

LOL! That bus’s destination is not where we want to go lah!

#2 – Long story short, SL and I had minor miscommunication (which happens to all buddies in the world but it’s totally harmless) and Vai was so afraid that we’ll quarrel and stood in between us, saying nice things to cool us down. I had to tahan my laughter when explaining to us we’re okay, just because we argued (over MRT station) doesn’t mean we won’t be talking to each other for the rest of the day. 5 minutes later sure like nothing happen again one.

The goodies I bought~

Cute bunny Training chopstick, because for 20 plus years, I have been using the chopsticks the wrong way.
The “X” way…..




Day 5: Myeong Dong and more!
(Less photos because too busy shopping)


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