Thursday, December 15, 2011

How much to travel to India?


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Before I sum up how much I spent on accommodation, transport and whatnots, here’s our itineraries to give you an idea.

Day 1: Miri – KL – Delhi
Day 2: Delhi – Agra (Red Fort, Taj Mahal) – Delhi (One day trip)
Day 3: Delhi (Sarojini Nagar Market, India Gate, Ansal Plaza)
Day 4: Delhi – Goa
Day 5: Goa
Day 6: Goa
Day 7: Goa – Mumbai
Day 8: Mumbai (Crawford Market, Coloba, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, India Gate)
Day 9: Mumbai – KL
Day 10: KL – Miri


Air fares

Miri to Kuala Lumpur (Return)
Kuala Lumpur to New Delhi (One way)
Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur
Total: BND 633.00

Hotel & Accomodation

Hotel Sunrise (Karol Bagh) – BND108 for 3 nights (divided by 2 person) ~ BND 54
Cuba Beach Bungalow – 3500 x 3 nights = 10,500 rupees (divided by 2 person) = BND 133
Hotel New Bengal (CST) – BND154 for 2 nights (divided by 2 person) = BND 77


Train: New Delhi to Agra (Return) ~ BND23
Flight: Delhi to Goa via Kingfisher (One way) ~ BND194
Train: Goa to Mumbai (First class yo!) ~ BND46

Admission Tickets
Taj Mahal & Agra Fort – 1,000 rupees ~ BND25


Total: BND 1185 !


p/s: Though it seems like going to India is more expensive than Seoul, bear in mind that we spent more days there and we went to 4 cities. Apart from that, the taxi, shopping and food are really cheap there so seriously, the whole trip I don’t think I spent more than 2k.

But the travelling experience wise, PRICELESS! 

People should stop misunderstand India and give it a try. It’s not as bad as most of you thought it is.
Trust me, I just got back from there few days ago. Tons of funny stories and happy moments there.


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