Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 3 – Shopping, Massage, Makan


Finally! A day we could sleep all we want and relax kan ke mana-mana saja after the super packed day 2, which we had to get up at 6.30am! Like, who the heck wake up so early when he/she’s on a holiday kan?

So, we took our sweet time getting dressed and thought of where to go for Day 3.


On our way out from Soi Sip-Har!

We’re quite surprised to see the “Shibuya 19” signboard thinking that, “Is that a police pondok? Why Shibuya?”

After asking Top about it, he told us that Shibuya 19 is going to be a brand new shopping mall! Weeee! Shibuya 19, wait for me!!!


Breakfast no.1
Candied, or I prefer to called it caramelized banana!

The texture of the banana is not like those in cucur pisang. It was quite hard like the pisang just ngam ngam going to masak like that.



First drink early in the morning.

I adore the Beetmix!!!
Love it so much. No added sugar okay… or… the vendor was lying.
But really, it tasted really nice and its only 20baht! (Less than BND1)

And.. the main reason why I bought it was because I’d been constipated for a couple of days and knowing Maurina pooped religiously twice a day and I was green in envy!




First stop. Platinum Fashion Mall! 
Specializes in fashion clothes and aceesories retail and whole sale. More than 2000 stores under one roof and there’s 6 stories okay. I tell you, memang sesak inside!

And after seeing the clothing and accessories inside with the prices advertized, you will just feel like rolling your eyes when you view the pages in blogshops. Honestly, for something blogshops sell for like $18, you can get it for like $10 or less there!

Gosh, I should have start a Bangkok shopping spree. LOL.
Kidding lah, where got time.

But… Thailand hates me.
Most of the blouse and dress I like couldn’t fit me just right. Darn those thin Thai girls! I remember going to Forever 21 and looked at the jeans section, the sizes that were displayed were all 22”, 24”, 26”. There was only one piece of 28” and one piece of 30”. There’s L size is like M for me lah!

Thailand hates voluptuous females.

Pretty Mau and I ready to shop!


No pictures of us shopping because we’re too busy wow-ing and wooo-ing at our discoveries.


Lunch at Platinum Food Center.

I love their food center okay. So so so so convenient!
Buying coupons out already, now they’re using cards!

Just go to the counter there and get a prepaid card with any amount you want with a minimum value of 5 baht. And with this card, just order whatever you want at those stalls and they will “toot” your card for transaction.

If you still have credit left in the card and you don’t want to purchase anymore, just go to their redeem counter and they will return your cash back to you. See, hassle-free! No need to waste time digging for change or do some mental maths making sure the vendor returns the exact amount and no rugi.



We chose this!



Salt, sugar, chili powder, taogeh, fish sauce and leek…
Up to you how much you want to add in.

So convenient!

And that’s not it.



Hot water for you to sterilized your cutleries!


And right after you ordered, they will start cooking on the spot and it’s all FIFO, I mean first come first served. Unlike in Brunei, they will normally gives you a number and serve your food to you later, they cooked your food on the spot and you just stand and wait. Quite fast one lah.

Hoy Tod / Fried Oyster / Oh-Chien (for Chinese) – 70 baht
Just look at the size of it!

And this is what they called the “Cabbage Sweet”, but for us, it’s more like fried lobak-gou (raddish cake). 35 baht


Pad Thai with Seafood. Like the best Pad Thai ever man! 70 baht.





Finally, my very first Mango Sticky Rice!

Gosh, have I told you how much I miss Bangkok?
I miss Bangkok belly belly belly much!

After shopping aimlessly (yes.. aimlessly! like you can no longer differentiate if you just want it because you like it or because you see it) in Platinum, we then headed back to our room to drop our shopping bags and went out for a nice massage.

Btw, I prepared my very own shopping bag. The one I got for free from DST during Bobby Chinn’s visit in Brunei last May. Super handy lah the bag. So big and tahan.


Hmm….. Massage & Spa, facial treatment, pedi and manicure I understand.
But laundry and dry cleaning?


Tired yet still wanna pose.


Nice and serene environment inside the massage parlour.


We were given a very ticklish foot washing then we headed up to the first floor into our own “cubicle” separated by curtains, changed into the clothing they prepared and just lied down there and relax while they massaged and cracked our bones.


1 hour later… That’s our “Oh… nyaman tidur. Kan tidur lagi” look.


After massage, we went to…..

Siam Paragon again~


Window-shopped as usual because there’s nothing there we sanggup to buy but touch touch already feel happy. Chanel o Chanel. When can I own you?


Then we went to Pantip Plaza (Geek’s heaven) and that’s where we saw AB-palsu.



Can you believe it, we got so bored of shopping and went back to our hotel to rest while waiting for Pont to pick us up for a meet up with Top.

We went to Silom~


Bug & Bee! 24 hour cafe famous for their crepes.



I mean, you see.. my digestive system is always acting up on me so I chose something which seemed healthy. Soy milk and mushrooms do sound very healthy right?


My strawberry smoothie and Mau’s… Mango with sago something?


Top’s fried rice.
”When I don’t know what to order, I will choose fried rice.”


Mau’s favorite, deep fried calamari.


and salmon crepe!
Nyaman her choice!      


And mine…


It tasted so disgusting okay! Try boiling kangkung with milk and it’s lightly salted (pasal healthy kan?)…. God Buddha, I nearly puke.

But still, I forced down at least half of it because sayang bah if langsung don’t eat at all.

Really. cannot. take. it. anymore…

I gave up and ordered something really unhealthy.

Oh, I love unhealthy food!!!!!!


Pont’s Mango Crepe. Very delicious too.

Conclusion: Never ever order Soy milk with mushroom!

Top suggested putting some chili sauce in it maybe the soy milk soup will taste better and it turned out lagi teruk. The expressions on our faces after tasting it, priceless.



The only word Mau and I can read there was “Sex” hence we asked Pont to translate for us. The title of the article was “Secrets about Sex that men won’t tell women”, or something like that. Had a really good laugh over it.


Top and Pont walking along the street of Silom.


Top told us he worked in that area and at night, people comes out and get ready for “business”. Yes, quote business.

We’re like, “How would you know if they’re the “businesswomen/men” or just pedestrians?”

Top replied, “Easy, those who walks around without directions are those who are waiting for business…. So when I work late, I will walk very fast because I don’t want people to think that I’m doing “business” too.”

“You’d been offered before?”

”No I don’t want. I scare. Later they offer me very cheap I feel sad. I have Bachelor degree okay.”


I looked as if I was marching in the above photo.

Last picture for the night,

Mau and Top~

Pont drove us around King Rama VI monument and that’s the hot spot for “business”. Not only did we saw really young females (teenagers maybe), we also saw some cute guys standing there too.

Oh, you don’t want to hear what we talked and giggled in the car man.


Next post – Cambodia!


peacelovekindness said...

ROFL!:D Heheheh hahahha huhuuhu!! :)
Anak Brunei Palsu!!! ;) CUTE, Cikgu! :P (My ears so red & I'm laughing myself to tears like mad, Nonnie!)

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