Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pukii and his mother

(Please don't get me wrong, I'm not swearing!)

Once upon a time, not so long ago.. (just a few weeks ago lah actually), my boss & manager went to Taiwan for a business trip, they went out kai-kai (jalan-jalan) at night and saw this..

A big big poster of a piggie, how cute~

Zoom in for a clearer one (to double confirm the spelling?)
The cute piggie intro itself~

"Hi, I'm Pukii !"

Wah Seh~ Pukii.... then his/her mother should be addressed as..
loh? ^(oo)^


Just a little more fei-hua (rubbish) -
Puki, (check out the link, very cute website, but.. it's in Chinese lah) a pink cute piggie wearing yellow shirt (that can barely cover his/her tummy) and not wearing any panties or diapers or what so ever .. Hmm..??

Very ham-sap pig leh~

Apparently, the creator of "Pukii" doesn't know what the word means to us in South East Asia..

(A very important NOTE: I do NOT talk like that in real life one ah~!)


Anonymous said...

Lol that funny... so this is the pic that day u and badli talking abt la.. wahahha now i get to see the pic.. what a funny pig..

Blueheeler - the hound who sniffs out fishy news said...

Don't forget that Garfield-the-cat's teddy bear is also called 'pooki'...

Go figure: a fat pussy hugging a furry pooki...

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.. its very funny.. kelakar lah.. that day u told me..i wonder how its look like..??? hehehe..now its very kelakarlah..hahhaha.. my stomach sakit lah..heheheh..... k lah.. i think its cute and what ever.." "Pxxx!! and his mother" some more..Hahahha...;)

Anonymous said...

"ah Bee ah, u go and view my blog liaw...Must Leave Comment"
I know i am not the only one who always receive this kind of reminder...walau ehh..someone realy Hardsell hoh?
This Pukimak...sorry.wrong spelling, this Pukii looked cute..but cant published in Brunei right???

Nonnie King said...

kanasai friends need kanasai reminder~ =p

Aiyaaaa.. i only thick thick face to my fellow dear sweet friends like you ma..

Sai~ Need to say out meh?!

Xeus said...

I wish i couldsee those kind of banner with a picture of a pig in Malaysia....

what will happen ????


Nonnie King said...

Haha.. Sure cannot one la.. Not HALAL~!