Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reading minds = Cheating

So, yesterday while waiting for Bobby’s appointment, we had about an hour to kill and the jobless duo thought of having some games to play.

Started of with me writing really shitty commands like,

IF <Nonnie> Hungry
     Hungry (Loop)

Yeah, I suck at it I know. Bobby pointed out several mistake like, there should have THEN, the loop is not like that, that kind of thing… I’ve returned all my programing knowledge back to my lecturers. Sowyyyy…

Then, we moved on to the next game.. Hangman!


Countries, celebrities and fruits of vegetables.

So, Bobby drew lines hinting the number of words.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _      _ _ _ _ _ (Fruits and vegetables)

That guy tried his best to think of words as long as it can be and, for me… it’s easier to guess. I spelled my answered, while pointing to those dashes to see if my answer fits in nicely. I was really confident with my answer.

Me: C
Bobby wrote down the letter C as the first word.
Me: U
Bobby wrote down the letter U as the second word.
Me: S
Bobby gave me a stare, let out a sigh and wrote down the letter S as the third word.

Now dear readers, can you guess already what is the answer?

Me: T-A-R-D, A-P-P-L-E!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Correct right? I’m super smart can!
Bobby: Not fair one!
Me: What not fair? I got the answer on my own okay! You’re super predictable!
Bobby: Cheh, I tell you one.
Me: What you tell me? I guess it on my own one ah.
Bobby: You read my mind, that’s how I told you.
Me: Cheh, you so lihai, so easy read you read my mind lah bannn (笨, in Cantonese, a slang)
Bobby: No, I don’t cheat.

*both of us burst out laughing*

I don't know smile kek-tiok.. I cheat hah? By reading his mind hah?
Sometimes, this boyfriend really ah… don’t know what to say about him.

(Us, choking faces)

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