Saturday, January 1, 2011




Pu3 said...

Happy new year Nonnie!
The gifts look fun! ;D

Nonnie King said...

Happy New Year Pu3!
Ya, the earphones and mini card speaker are gifts from me myself as a comforting reward.

The earphones is only $6 and the mini-card speaker is awesome! It comes with alarm, calendar, radio, recording function with a SD card reader and USB port! And also line in and line out. Charged through USB too.

How much? $26!!!

Sorry, I blabbed too much

Anonymous said...

i like your earphones! where did you buy it? :D

Nonnie King said...

Bit! Cheap and chic! Very ALice in the wonderland

cc of quaintmelody said...

New things for a new beginning. Happy New Year! :D