Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Great Couple Meme - Bobnie


I’d tried countless time to convince Bobby to guest blog for me when I’m not free but he die die also don’t want. But this time, I told him that I want him to do a meme for our anniversary and turn out that he damn layan. Weirdo.

His answers in Blue and mine in pink (more girly so that you can tell the gender difference)

Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her:

The first time I met her was during the days I took my diploma course in Focus. I remember seeing her for the first time when she was talking to my friend. I just said ‘Hi’ with a simple wave and a headshake to acknowledge her. The first impression I had on her was ‘kampong girl’. It’s like she is very easy to get bullied which obviously was what happened as I continuously played trick on her.


I can still clearly remember the date! 16th January 2001! Because that’s the day he was enrolled to the same school as me and he was sort of my "junior". LOL. Only "senior" by 2 weeks also want to show off. LOL

Center-parted hair, washed out tee and khaki long pants, one word, DORK.

Still remember the day WeiCheng and him borrowed my assignment paper (to copy answer kali) and didn't even really say thank you properly. And, when we had the same class, he was still constantly copying my answer! BLOODY HELL. I still don't know why I always put up with him that time when I was freaking pissed in heart, especially during the month that two of us were group mate for a networking assignment and all he did was asked me what's his part for the presentation and did a bad job out of it.


He's a really bad classmate, but a good friend that time.


what’s a weird habit or quirk that s/he has?:

She loves to pluck my goatee, enjoys seeing me in pain and screaming from it.

He has an ultra soft spot for working senior citizens like a rotten avocado. He cannot tahan seeing old people work or beg for money. If you live in Seria or stay here long enough, you’ll know about the infamous 小姐有一块吗? Old-lady, who asked for money and later go Jollibee eat. I tell you, Bobby cannot see that woman one. I felt like he will kana hypnotized and walk towards her and give her all the money in the wallet ah.

what makes him/her happy?:

Most of the time she complains having not enough money. Definitely having enough money makes her happy. Being on time to pick her up also makes her happy as she will be utterly mad at me being late all the time that she started to call me Mr. Punctual.

Being able to satisfy his families and my needs and wants (eh! Don’t think senget ah! I’m talking about food and all the necessities). He’s happy as long as the people whom he cares about is happy. Of course, Man U winning a match will make him going around and boast.

what makes him/her sad?:

Every time when she checks her weight. 
(Bloody hell! You don’t go and tell the whole world I have weight issues okay!)

Incompetency, and me when I ignored him.

what makes him/her angry?:

I was always late (from picking her up or meeting her) when our relationship just started. When I started to come to Seria to look for her, she found out that I’m hopeless in direction as I kept asking her which road to use as I told her I only remember the road if I come down often and use it everyday. But sometimes in BSB I too have to ask her how to get from one location to another and at times she bites back of being asked too often.

Sometimes being over-patient does makes her angry. This happened during our first dinner in K.K. back in 2007. We went to those stalls near the hotel we stayed and waited for almost 45min for the food to arrive. Apparently, the Malay lady (cook) never got our orders as the waiter didn’t pass it to her. I remained cool and told her it’s okay and cancelled it. We then ordered some grilled lamb and chicken wings, and they had forgotten again. Nonnie was very mad that she didn’t want to wait and just leave the place. But I was still cool with it and willing to wait because I didn’t want to let this minor hiccup spoiled my vacation. And when the food came, the spoon was stained with chilli flakes which I didn’t noticed till I used it to scoop the coconut flesh. The food was disastrous.

Of course, she stayed mad at me for few hours because I stupidly made her wait for an hour plus for shitty food. Never mess with her when she has a growling tummy.

Stupid drivers who
1. Didn’t put the signal when necessary
2. Parked at places when they shouldn’t be parking and make the lane very sempit to pass through
3. Stole “his” parking space just because he spotted it first
4. Jeopardized other people’s lives on the road by driving recklessly

Ya, he loses his cool and curses a lot while driving.

what excites him/her?

Receiving money. It’s like her eyes got bigger when she look at the money.
Cilaka, say till I so lui-bin (money face)

Seeing me? Everyday with Nonnie is a brand new adventure.

tell us something funny about him/her:

She used to snore very loud that it kept me and her friends wide awake during our trip to Kuala Lumpur in 2005. This was our very first trip going abroad together which I learned more than I wanted to know about her.

He sucks in speaking Mandarin yet loves to place his orders in Mandarin in Chinese restaurant. Don’t know so keh-kiang for what.

Oh oh, one little joke for you.
When we’re just together right, I jokingly said 吃大便啦你 (eat sh*t lah you) and he crinkled his brows and said, “Huh? Big change?”. He thought 大便 (crap) is 大变 (big change)!!!

what’s s/he like at home?:

Watching TV or go online endlessly, text me telling me how hungry was she while watching Super Taste of channel 317. When I replied and told her to go make some Milo or eat some crackers, she bombed me back accusing me that I’m trying to make her fat.

A washed out tee with his ah-pek boxer playing football manager in his game room.

what’s s/he like at work/school?:

During our time in Focus, she was nice and friendly. A good friend to have. At work, she becomes very aggressive because she’s highly motivated by ka-ching. *cough* Money-driven.

Quiet at first with people who he’s not close with because he’s afraid what he says may be offensive. But once he gets close to you, he can pull some really silly jokes and “suan” you till you cannot answer him back and feel defeated. So, if you still think he’s Mr. Nice Guy, apparently, you’re just not that close to him.

describe his/her room:

Small and disorganized because she tends to leave her things lying around everywhere. But she has an Ikea box just for the cards and presents I gave her.

Bed, door, windows? I don’t know.

what’s his/her best friend like?:

Her best friend Wen/48, very much like her except smarter I guess. At least this is what Nonnie tells me all the time.

Erm.. One is in New York and I’ve never met him, though I’ve heard so much about him. And the other one is in Kuching now. Gordon was Bobby’s partner-in-crime during his uni years doing all sort of crazy silly things.

do you know who s/he hates the most?:

Yes. But she forgets easily until reminded.

The word “hate” is too strong lah. If “hate”, then no one in particular actually. He doesn’t hold grudges.

have you met his/her exes?:


do his/her parents like you?:

I hope they do like me. But currently still in process of making them like me more.

I guess so. They love asking me to eat especially his dad. You have no idea how much food I have to force myself to eat when eating at his house because his dad says, “Eat more ah. Don’t kek-kee” every 10 minutes. And Bobby said the food is always better when I’m eating at his place. =D

what’s the first thing s/he would do or say if s/he fell down and scraped their knee:

Give out a loud ‘OUCH!’ and then reach out for me. Once she fell down in public at Parkson, Miri while waving at me. I was eating at McD and saw her happily walking towards me. The next thing I know, she’s gone. Then I heard a loud laugh from her and her friends teasing how clumsy she was.


what would s/he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?:

If she knows how to deal with the situation, she will definitely step up and offer help. Else, she will stay alert and focus and interrupt whenever she feels like it.

Er, stand aside with his feet glued to the floor and panic like a headless chicken until someone asks him to do something. (Told you I’m more “man” than him liao lo)

which shop would s/he spend the most time at in a shopping mall?:

Book / clothing / shoe / CD stores or supermarket when she feels like doing some grocery shopping.

DVD stores and sport shops that sell football jerseys.

what would s/he have for a typical breakfast?:

All the typical famous Seria delicacies like fried kueh tiaw or kolomee. If she’s in the hostel, it will be instant noodles or cereals.

Bread with butter/cheese or whatever his auntie prepares for him. If he’s in Seria, then it would be kolomee.

where would s/he want to go for dinner?:

If she is in the process of saving money, she would go somewhere cheap like nasi katok stall or go pasar malam. Once in awhile she would crave for sushis and pastas.

Excapade, Yit Sum, La Mee, the restaurant that sells fish this-and-that noodles near the Gadong river, or any new restaurants which I suggested going. It depends actually because its the people who dine in with him who makes the decision normally. He very ching-chai one.

what kind of movie would s/he choose at the cinema?:

Blockbusters, romance and animation from PIXAR. She doesn’t like horror movies.
Any latest blockbusters.

describe his/her taste in music:

Anything loud (not alternative) or mellow. No fix genre. I don’t know what is so nice about Power Station though. And she pays more attention to the lyrics than the rhythm actually. Any songs with nice/cool lyrics, she’ll love it.

LAME! Lame lame lame! He loves those spa/hotel lobby/ airport/elevator music! You know those so-called “relaxing” music with saxophone *cough* Kenny G’s the moment *cough* . And also lame pop boy/girl group that I want to roll my eyes every time I hear their music. Cannot name them here, later kana their fans throw rotten eggs at me. He likes something with “beat”. *shrugs*

if s/he wasnt going out with you, who would s/he be going out with?:

If she is in Seria, she would go out with her gangs (Kelly and Swee Leong). At times she would be going out with her mom.

Eating out with his family or bring them out shopping. Or his usual minum-teh kakis talking about football and miscellaneous stuffs after playing in RC.

what item in his/her wardrobe would you like to burn:

Her big and loose granny underwear. She dislike undergarments-shopping (says very troublesome) so its her mum who does all the shopping.

HIS AH PEK BOXER! Checkered and super old!!!

what is s/he good at?:

She is good in a lot of things like D.I.Y, making new friends (but she claims she’s lazy to maintain it) , making people laugh with her lame jokes and most importantly, making me bend over to her wills. Every now and then, she is very good at making me say that ‘It’s my fault’ when I am innocent.

Listening. He’s a great listener with super banyak patience, look so sincere and attentive lagi and he wouldn’t interrupt you.. unlike me. And he’s good at naming all the names of footballers and their managers of all football club.

And, he used to be good in tricking me in opening up porn site back in the days when he was still my classmate. Stupid idiot embarrassed me so many times because I couldn’t stop the pop-ups showing buns and bananas everywhere in the screen then terpaksa reset the pc.

what is s/he totally horrible at?:
Playing snooker. This is why I loved to play it with her.
And some PC games like CS.

NAVIGATION! Gosh! Freaking useless you know. Don’t say Seria or what, he stays in BSB so long liao still will get lost and miss the simpang or whatsoever one. I wonder what happened to his cognitive map.

what’s something about him/her that is annoying/infuriating?:
When she has no confidence in her looks or being impatient.

Him being late most of the time and made me late because he took the wrong road. Once he nearly made me tak sempat reach the hostel. Don’t know road wanna keh-kiang don’t ask me again simply assume there. Then when I marah him why he didn’t take the shorter route, he’ll lost his patience because I challenge his ego kali.

And he loves using his newly grown moustache or goatee to rub my face. Very pricky okay. But then, once I take my tweezers out he will back off automatically.

what’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?:

On her choice of exploring the world by going to places or countries that I always worried about.

Our tastes in music. The places I want to travel and the things I wanna try and do like bungee jumping and scuba diving (because he’s too sissy and scare this scare that one)

what’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?:

That when we get married, she cooks and I do the dish-washing.

It’s time to plan for “our” future and also our point of views for certain issues.

is s/he possessive?:

She is not possessive. But if she felt jealous or uncomfortable, she would let me know.
Not really.

why would s/he succeed in life?:

She would start things early and not a last minute person. She would get things done as soon as possible and not put it off till it is too late. Very brave and no matter how tough things are, she always turns it around and face the challenge.

His super-sabar power. Seriously, if there’s someone who makes him lose his cool… sure that person super kanasai and bokasi one. And also his determination in finishing up something and he’s attentive and observant. Oh oh, he’s a very careful person who follows things step by step making sure no mistakes were made.

what is the coolest gift that s/he has ever given you?:

She made 21 birthday cards for me while she was in Sibu for Chinese New Year when I turned 21.

There’s more than one so I’m going to mention whatever comes to my mind. Bear with me.

- The “house” he had made for my 22nd birthday with two of my favourite singers CDs in it.

- A box he made himself with drawings on it and inside very lihai, he put 2 light bulbs in it and when I pressed the “stars”, the box will be lighted up. And there’s a pair of really cute star earrings that I’d been wanting to buy but saying the money.

- A bouquet of 2D paper roses which he drew himself and can be opened with sweet messages inside for our anniversary

- My 25th birthday celebration. Everything that happened that night was simply magical. Heart-shaped balloons, a “Paddington” bag which he drew because he can’t afford it yet, dinner at Pantai, and a Burberry wallet.

- The latest one, a $1 weekly pill box that I’d been looking for to put my supplements.I love it because he keeps in mind what I need and he knows I like cheap stuffs. If the pill box is more than $5, I will kill him.

what is s/he obsessed with?:

Plucking my goatee with her best friend a.k.a Mr. Handy Tweezer.
Football, comics, British comedies

what does s/he avoid at all costs?:

Eating anything with durian as an ingredient. Also, to avoid being tickled by me.
Me plucking his goatees.

what does s/he spend the most money on?:

On me and her monthly expenses which comprises of car loan, insurance, bills and miscellaneous stuffs.

Making his parents happy and settle in their lives.

describe his/her typical sunday:

Staying at home in Seria, going tea with her gang and watch tv. Pretty boring and I do feel bad.

Waken up by his mother. Bring his parents out for breakfast, grocery shopping and jalan-jalan. Comes home, stays in his game room play game, reads book/magazine, lift weight or watch AFC.

why would s/he be dangerous?:

Once she is very mad, she is very dangerous as I tend to run away. And her clumsiness.

Once he gets angry, there’s no way back.
You seriously don’t want to see him mad.
You heard about the quote saying quiet dog bite people till mati right?

tell us about a time s/he looked absolutely gorgeous:

It was during my final year in Curtin University that we went to the Curtin prom. She looked so gorgeous and sexy in her purple dress.

I don’t know. I like it when he’s in his usual working attire. Striped shirt and tie hiding all his excess fats.

what’s something about him/her that would surprise all of his/her friends?:

She is a good cook, pretty good at DIY stuff and also in DS action games like bomberman and Super Mario.

He’s a very romantic person, so attached to me and making cards for me. He draws quite well to be honest, eventhough I always look fatter than him in his cards (which is totally untrue!)

what do you love most about him/her?:

Her funny side. Whenever I teased her, she would do those funny expression like acting innocent or ‘kerlian’ with those puppy eyes looking at me.

His stupid sense of humour.
No lah, he’s a very loving guy with humongous amount of tolerance in his tummy for all stupid things I said or did which drives him mad. And, the way he treats his family made me feel very secure about the life I will have after marrying him.

the biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your partner:

I’ve learn to be more positive in things and be confidence in myself like how she is right now. I’ve also learned that I am not alone anymore as I have someone to share my thoughts with.

It’s okay to be imperfect as a person who truthfully loves you for who you are will loves you no matter how smelly your breathe/feet/fart is, how loud you snore at night and how you wet the bed sheet with your drool.

I feel very comfortable around him as I don’t need to pretend and I can burp/ yawn hideously/ dig my nose in front of him whenever I feel like it and vice versa.


48 said...

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not all the time lah.. like u have to hold my hand to cross roads remember ?

Nonnie King said...

48 : But that doesn't determine you not being smart mah. Just not brave enough to cross the road alone. Hahahaa.

Don't play play, you have a profession in extracting tooth leh.

Jacq said...

ahh. the great couple meme.:) hahha. damn lmao this bobby!

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Want to say to bobby Power Station rules !!..

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