Monday, May 18, 2009

“Excapade Sushi caters for everyone”


Hey, I’m not trying to kiss-ass or what, but ask anyone in Brunei to think of a name associated to Japanese restaurant, surely the first to pop out is “EXCAPADE”.


Malu to say but this is a way tooooooooooooo long overdue post which was supposed to be blogged a week ago when masih fresh and new. Nevermind lah, like ikan masin also good, got more flavour mah.


I was invited by S.Fong to the soft opening of the latest branch located at Regent Square, Kiulap last Monday (which was also the very same day I had my 2 hours paper on “The Teacher And The School Curriculum”). Also, the kind couple had treated the children from Pusat Ehsan and Child Development Centre lunch and made a donation.

As usual, I was a little kaypo (busybody) wanting to know why they have another branch in Kiulap instead of setting it up in a new location and S.Fong explained that she had received a lot of feedbacks saying that it was difficult for the disabled. Hence in this new Kiulap branch, you won’t be seeing any partition or private rooms.. instead, big spacious walkway in between tables just nice enough to fit in wheelchairs. How considerate kan?

*cough* Due to unforeseen circumstances of my lousy 4yo camera, I became a pencuri instead stealing photos from Marul and Reeda. Sorry ah. It’s a good thing they watermarked their photos *endcough*

Super “people mountain people sea”



Food on our table
(Note: This one macam “appetizer” only. There’s more to come!)


Mau called the Fried Fish Roe on top “Twisties”



Salmon Sashimi!


Scallop Tepanyaki

Slipper Lobster! Very black-pepper-ish!

Lamb Misoyagi, everyone’s favourite for the day

The texture is very similar to Bakkwa.

Ice Cream Tempura

I had one Macha ice cream with red bean all to myself :D

Can you guess whose sissy portion of wasabi did this belong to?

Hint: XY Chromosomes

What bloggers do when a new dish is served
Maurina being kiasu using her phone to take picture.


I have always love how Mau does her eye makeup and so I took her MAC eyeliner and asked her to line mine.


And once I opened my eyes letting her see the end result, Mau gasped
“Ai! Your eye makan my liner!”

Sigh, the sorrow of having single eyelid. I was seriously considering of having blepharoplasty but Bobby insisted a big N-O on the idea. Double sigh.

See the difference between Mau’s eyes and mine.
Like cannot see kan the line?


To make the lines visible, I have to literally paint my eyelid with at least 3mm thick of liner.

Oh, on our hands are Nails&Wax vouchers. Really paiseh lah, yau-sik-yau-ling.

Happy till can see teeth cannot eat eyes.


Back to Excapade.

Ever wonder why Excapade can be so popular among us Bruneians even though there’s no special promotions, advertisements and wifi (even Miri-ans also rela to drive all the way to KB and eat!)?

For me, it’s their

1) Good service
2) Quality food, and most importantly
3) Reasonable price!!!!


Even Yohei (the Andy Lau lookalike Japanese hunk whom I travelled with in KK last December remember?) gave 2 thumbs up for their sushi when I brought him to the Gadong branch! He had one teeny weeny complain though, the rice for the Nigiri was too banyak. Hahahhahaa.

One last photo for this post and also the one and only sort of a group photo taken by Michael.

L-R: Marul, Reeda, Liza, Maurina, Nonnie and Rano.
No introduction needed if you have read blogs long enough. 

More about the soft opening here and here.


If you have any positive or negative feedbacks for Excapade, feel free to leave a comment in their Facebook page. Yes, don’t play play. Excapade also got FB one ah.

To avoid disappointment, make sure you make reservations first ya.

Branch Contact No.1 Contact No.2 (Mobile)
Kiulap +6732234012 +6738859966
Gadong +6732443012 +6738740012
Kuala Belait +6733333993 +6738722993
Serusop +6732335512 +6738736880
Kiulap 2 +6732234011 +6738759866

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Anonymous said...

Last time I ever ordered 4 sets of mini california maki to take home. When we started to eat, the fish eggs tasted lau it's goin' bad one.
Dat's a bad experience I had after ordering them from one of their branches.

And I do notice, their mini california maki gets even thinner, u noe. Like last nite, I tried their new branch there, they served me even less of fish eggs now. Maybe coz they've too many customers to handle.