Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dress shortening the lazy way

I have this long dress that's probably fit a 6 feet tall woman and I had been wanting to shorten it.

Took out the scissors, chalk pencil and drew a line where I'm going to cut. Sekali, when I tried it on.. it was still a little too long (or.. I'm just too short).

And my genius mom came over and said, why don't you follow the pattern? You will get a really like bottom for the dress. Super smart eh my mom!

So I took out the scissors and cut according to the pattern and being lazy, I just use candle to burn the edge in order to prevent fraying. It's synthetic fabric, I wouldn't recommend you doing to cotton OK. After several times that I nearly burn the whole dress or make holes in it, it's finally done!

There you go, lazy way of shortening your dress without any sewing needed. Not recommended for perfectionist though. Hehehehehhee

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