Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wedding Favor

Ah hah! Here comes the part that I’m going to talk about the wedding favors we prepared for our guests. The part that gave me quite lots of headache when we were still clueless on what we want. At first we’re thinking of luggage tags since our theme is “Love is in the air”. I emailed a number of sellers from Alibaba and man….. the quotations replied all gave me a mini heart attack!

Then we narrowed it further down to something edible! Mints, chocolates, candies, cakes…. Since you know, it’s not “zhor-teng”, just makan and buang the wrappers. But what food? And also the packaging? Haih!

In the end, we thought what my mom suggested was cool and different hence went for that idea.

Image source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_LthjgnYmL6s/S5YcwJTauQI/AAAAAAAAEfw/jb4G8z1qg7w/s400/DSC08524.JPG

It looks something like the above picture but smaller size. According to my mom, different “pangkat” gets to eat different size. They have size 1, size 5, size 9 those (if I remember correctly) and grandparents eat the biggest size! (Which means bigger/heavier pieces of gold ornaments to be given to the newly weds as well)

And so when we went to Sibu for our mini reception, we brought back 4 big boxes of leh-piang, 15kg each! That’s 850 pieces of cakes! *pengsan* We sent them all into cargo and had to hand carry all our bags. Lucky it was just our dirty laundries. Even the driver who drove us back to Brunei thought we bought car spare parts because of the weight.

As for the packaging part, we went to several companies that do printing and we’re either not happy with the material or the sizes, or the prices. Last last, when I was in Japan in June, we went to Kappabashi, which was just few streets away from our hostel and man.. they don’t call it KITCHEN STREET for nothing! You can get almost everything there! And it was at one of the shops that sell Japanese tea cakes (å’Œęžœå­) packaging and utensils. I love the quality, the material and the print! And best of all, it was way way way way way way way cheaper than any boxes/bags I checked from the past month. I only had the size to worry for now but I didn’t care, I got them anyway and prayed to God that the bags would fit the cakes!


Cakes done! Wrappers found!

Next, tags!

I designed and printed those tags myself after getting a few comments on which lines were better.
1) Keep calm and eat wedding cake, or
2) In case of emergency, eat cake

And most of my friends preferred the second one. So I made a little amendments and printed a “suitable for vegetarian” logo beneath the words so our Muslim guests wouldn’t need to worry about the halal issue. And also for the vegetarian guests as well.

Bought some nice glittery turquoise color paper from Technographic again and borrowed Sheepy’s printer and printed them out. Cut them one by one and asked my little brother to punch a hole in them one by one.

Then came the worst part, PACKING!

If it’s not for my lovely buddies who helped me out, I think I may not be able to get it done on time. And also, I was lucky to have that 6 days gap between the tea ceremony and the reception, it was a much needed breather!

Pardon the lousy quality, it was taken with my lousy iPad’s camera with bad lighting.

Yup, that’s 7 of us (including me myself) doing the packing. Mom and Bobby put the cakes in the bag, the girls put in the tag and tied it and SL kept switching jobs depending which production line was slow. Esehman~

Saw those boxes behind Kelly and Theen?
That’s the boxes we brought back from Sibu containing the wedding cakes.

We had dinner before packing and they went on a “glutinous rice balls search” because they wanted to eat it for supper, after seeing me eating them during my wedding day. They went to 4 shops and semua nadai! Ended up buying frozen chips and nuggets and asked me to air fry them. Kuli kang had to be fed.

Again, pardon my super cannot-make-it face.

Finally we finished everything at 11+ pm and man… it was super tiring!
Those you saw on the table were like, 1/4 of what we packed!

Here, a clearer picture.


I’m not sure how many of my guests got my humour about the “Emergency” and “Extreme Hunger” part but we couldn’t care less. I know those cakes were really popular among the elders, and honestly speaking, we don’t know where all the leftovers went to!!!!! But nehmind la, as long as everyone is happy kan~

There, the wedding favors we prepared for our guests that took us so much time.

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