Monday, January 7, 2013

The bridge between two hearts

was the title of our pre-wed video



Due to lack of videographers in Brunei, and also those we enquired had really bad services or reputation.. or overcharged (imo), we found a really awesome one from Miri. Good price, great service and awesome work! Huge thanks to FussyKelly who introduced her to me! *muacks muacks*


We did the filming in …. September or October I can’t remember. I gave her a few locations, and she suggested some as well. And when we wanted to film the ending part in Jerudong beach with 30 beautiful helium balloons, the weather got so bad, so windy and was about to rain, I was supposed to release them slowly in the air and instead of them flying beautifully, the balloon strings got tangled up and I had to release one go….. and was blown horizontally and trapped under a tree…..

30 balloons x $1.50 each … gone.

And we had to reschedule for another shooting. Kasian my videographer.

For the second time, we did the filming in Miri. And my awesome videographer drove us around to really nice places and mind you… super far as well! Bobby and I already K.O in the car hence I couldn’t imagine how tired was her with all the equipment and driving us again.




Juliana, my videographer, reminded us to get some insect repellents before we head to the beach and I was damn hero confident that I won’t get attacked much, because…. I usually don’t attract mosquitoes one..


Damn… HUGE… wrong …. freaking…. gigantic….


Both of us, no…. all three of us kana attacked till so kick that I had to wear long pants or skirt for quite a while. Macam AISKRIM POTONG KACANG!


Damn you sand fleas of ESPLANADE!



Hours and hours of travelling, getting ready, NG-ing, and finally the polished output. I’m glad she didn’t put in the part I was muttering or looking awkward because I really had no idea what to say!

Bobby, on the other hand, was so well-prepared! He showed no awkwardness, no shyness, and spoke fluently during the whole shooting. Everyone was amazed because he was just so quiet all the time and suddenly, he talked 10 minutes non-stop summing everything up.



Juliana added some scene taken during the proposal night, courtesy of FussyKelly. It actually made the video complete. And Chaugy commented both of us sound very Singaporean….. Errrrr… AErrrrrr….. no comment.

Nah, enough of ranting, here’s the video.

The Bridge Between Two Hearts from Nonnie King on Vimeo.


I still feel paiseh to see and hear myself in the video.
Sien, I can never be a superstar liao lor like that....


Anonymous said...

too beautiful! *throws confetti on you both*

Weinnie said...

very very nice indeed!! congrats

Anonymous said...

glad you've made it this far. congrats to you both... as a silent reader reading your journey together i thought nonnie is the controlling queen. but my my after watching your video i think bobby has a nice warm sincere heart full of love for you nonnie. a very charming and full of surprises lad indeed. i think you two are perfect for each other. congratulations to you both again...

Nonnie King said...

Irah: Awwww! Thanks!

Weinnie: Yeah, Juliana is super awesome!

Anon: Hehehhee. I cannot like your comment more! That's really sweet of you and yes, usually people would thought that I'm the b*tchy control queen but thank God, nowadays things got cleared up. Hug!

~Pinkie~ said...

i love the video~~~ so sweet~~ congrats ah~~! ^_^

Seng Yee Ciara said...

sweeeeetttt! I love it :')

Nonnie King said...

Shan and seng Yee: My friends all said I looked fake and wanna punch me ah upon seeing the video!

Reeda Malik said...

What a lovely video! Congratulations to you both!