Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The poor camera

Finally collected Bobby's camera after repair and the repair cost is rounded to BND270. Fml kao kao. Seriously, no thanks to my clumsiness.

I'm refraining myself in using the camera. The first time I accidentally on the camera when it's inside the pouch and the lens went cuckoo. But luckily it was still under warranty so we had a brand new unit replaced.

Then for the second time, I misplaced Bobby's SD card which inside was all his valuable family trip photos... This one really hit me hard as memories are the hardest to duplicate. How the heck am I going to compensate that?!

The third unfortunate event, dropped in onto the gravel road when the camera was still on, with the lens still out!

And now, I returned the camera to its rightful owner, even though it means it's going to stay on top of the table and not used for month because bobby rarely uses it. But well, I'm not taking any more risk!

Funny thing that with my old Lumix (almost 4 yrs old), nothing bad ever happened to it. Touch wood! Maybe like what I always say, 粗用所以耐用! Hahhahahhaa

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