Monday, September 17, 2012

Scumbag Sun

Yay! Done with our pre-wedding photo shoot and took like 2 hours picking the photos! And we thought it will be an easy task. So now we’re just going to wait for the design, approve and get them printed. And we also did our pre-wed video already but unfortunately, the weather turned so bad and we had no choice but film the very last bit next week, or next next week. Haih.

Mom was saying that for sure it’s going to rain on my wedding day because it’s like a sign. It rained super heavily the day we had our outdoor photo shoot. Then for video also same same. Super no luck for the romantic and beautiful sunset scene. Cilaka….

Well, next big thing in our list is our R.O.M!
(And again, we have another thing to worry about… We may be forced to postpone it due to some “foreseen circumstances”)


Polaroid films taken last Friday.

I did a really bad job in the filming. Kept laughing or looking at the camera and Bobby on the other hand, was like a Oscar nominee! We were all shock during his solo interview. He just talked non-stop for 5 minutes, no stammering, no long pause, no “ummm and ahhh”, with a little sweet smile on his sincere face. He was simply amazing. I don’t think I have the courage to see myself in the video later.


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