Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pre Wedding shoot

You have no idea how worried we both were when we looked out the windows and all we got were dark clouds and rain drops! And Bobby said I jinxed it because earlier on, at like 7am, I was like, hey look.. The weather seems good today! It's gonna be great. Sekali... An hour later, my friends from Seria and BSB all told us its raining heavily in their areas and some even had thunderstorm. Soi-ness!

I had like one big bag of props (not really big just that I was a little kiasu and made some photo props myself) and the make up artist laughed and said if only all their customers were like me. I'll say it's a compliment.

And when we finally reached location #1, the rain gradually stopped, sky starting to clear and sun was out! Thank you God! And I just walked around with the big gown all lifted up, wrapped in a button shirt (so its easier to take off without kana the hair or face) and carrying the train as if I looked pregnant in my SLIPPERS! Very the unglam. Hahahhahahah. And, I actually walked all the way to the food court to makan looking like that too.

Then we went to Sheepy's place, using it as a pit stop to change because her apartment is near to location #2. Then... Take take take, finish then went to location #3, special request by Bobby.

It was really tiring to walk around with that heavy gown and most of the time. I was either kaki-ayam or in my selipar jepun since cannot see my feet also. And, both Bobby and I got food poisoned! Think is the food from food court lah.

Bah that's it lah. I need to recover from the tiredness yesterday and food poisoning today.

Fingers crossed that the photos will turned out nice because we both felt we did shitty in it. Well, still got indoor one to try harder. Hehehehhe

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