Monday, August 6, 2012

My Pink iPad2


My K-Bob must be very confused now….

Why confused?
Because ming-ming (obviously) my iPad is a boy boy and I ngeh-ngeh turned into pink color.
Hehehhehehee. I think K-Bob hates me now.

The whole story is like this……

In January when I was busy moving house, I put my iPad (with those lousy iPad cover that doesn’t secure the corners) on top my basket of clothing. And when I walked towards my place from my car, the iPad dropped on to the gravel road and sibeh chun-chun fell on its edges!

The cracks wasn’t that bad actually… just one big curvy line.

But as time goes by.. the crack macam disease like that, spread till mother also cannot recognize!

(What I meant by “cracked till mother also cannot recognize”)


People gave out a loud gasp whenever they saw my iPad and asked, “YOUR IPAD CRACKED AH?”.
And I answered, “No lah, it’s just an apps to give out that effect.”

The reason why it took me thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat long to send it for repair was because, the repair cost was too damn high! Then my friends who had cracked iPhone told me he ordered the parts from eBay and he’s going to replace it himself, with tutorials from YouTube.

So I was like… not bad also ah.
(Better than paying $380 to the authorized dealer…. or $150 to the non-authorized one…. And have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for the parts to arrive, and another week to repair….)

I went online and found this super nice screen in pink from a HK seller in eBay and bought it around BND50 – 60. White/Black iPad is too mainstream bah..

Okay, the technical term for that is… *copy and paste* Pink Touch Screen Glass Digitizer Replacement + 3M Tape for Apple iPad 2.


Honestly, when the part arrived, I didn’t send it immediately to repair because
1) I have no idea who to send, because..
2) I want to find someone / shop who can get it fixed within a day because I’m inseparable from K-Bob!

I went to a few shops and asked and just the labour cost to replace the glass digitizer is around $70 – $90, depending on the damage.

P1210599 P1210600
No eye see….


Then… I got asked so frequently by my friends, “Eh… why still cracked? Thought you got the screen already? Why still not yet fixed? You wait what?”… Annoyed I got annoyed and decided must die die get it fixed within that week when I was in BSB running errands (because I would be busy and bearable without my iPad. I’m not addicted to it, just that I’m used to the convenience).

And you know what, I randomly went in to a shop and asked, how much to replace and how long does it take to replace the glass digitizer, ready for answers like, $80 and 3 days minimum.. we will called you when it’s done…. But no! He told me, ONE HOUR AND $50!


The fastest and cheapest so far (that I asked)!
Terus lueh-fan-ying lah me!


Ladies and Gentlemen… I introduce you my new revamped iPad…

Mr. Sissy K-Bob!

It’s like brand new once again, accept the edges that I dented…


p/s: The shop that I sent for repair is CityMobile in Times Square (ground floor). I got see them selling black glass digitizer for $20 if not wrong.

p/p/s: because I super takut I’ll dropped it again, I got myself a BookBook case making sure it’s fully covered, zipped, and very secure even if tai-kat-lai-si (touchwood) drop it again


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