Thursday, June 7, 2012

Incredible India: Day 7–12 hours Train ride in 1AC

Can you all please read Maurina’s blog on her Day 7 to know the interesting bit of that day?
Terima Kasih.

I’m just going to curi paste some of her photos and captions before I proceed with mine.

We were so worried that how the heck are we going to lug our big-ass luggage into the train (imagine 20kg of sarees and whatnots!) before the train ride and God answered our (pathetic) prayers!

In Margaon CST (train station in Goa) a kuli, which is someone who helps you carry stuff, offered to help us with our luggage and we obliged. Actually I obliged, and agreed while Nonnie was busy paying the taxi haha. She was kind shocked when she saw a man carry away our stuff. LOL

He also helped us find out which Coupe we were placed in cause we’re helpless little bimbos from Korea (oh btw, everyone thought we’re Koreans all the way from Delhi to Goa and as we were to find out, Mumbai so people always greeted us ANYEONG HASAEYOOOOO!!!!).

The one on the left is our cabin, a first-class private sleeper cabin with aircon, cupboard, mirror and fan. The one on the right is second class, almost the same as the first class but with no doors and only curtains for privacy.


Nah, a video… if you wanna know how it looks like inside the train.

Introducing our 1AC (first class, air conditioned, sleeper) Cabin - Goa to Mumbai from Nonnie King on Vimeo.

Password is the 7 digits of my phone number. So meaning, only people I know can view the video.

Pre-Breakfast. We ate a lot on the train!

Clean towel, bed sheet, pillow case and soap!

The train conductor. Reminds me of the silly moment when we chased the train to Agra and thought we’re going to be kicked out from the train because we had no “boarding pass”

Refer to Day 2; the part that we nearly get conned.

Watched Mayday’s 3DNA Concert movie to pass time.

Abang Si Convenient. He sells chai tea, if I’m not wrong. But if we need anything, we just need to stop him (while he’s yelling chai-chai-chai-chai-chai in the corridor) and tell him what we want and minutes later, he will be back with what we want.

Awesome chai!

My ching-ching-chai-chai bed prepared suka hati saja.

Where as Maurina, who had been to various camp training level 9999, cannot have crease, mesti smooth, all nicely tucked in. Can you see the difference mine (upper deck) and hers (lower deck)?

Wah lao.. hotel style blanket somemore….

Little kid outside our coupe.

I don’t know what meal was this already….. breakfast kah, snack kah…. dunno lah. makan makan makan makan saja.

Reading lamp

Lunch kali…

Maurina was craving for gulab so we stopped Abang Si Convenient and told him we wanted that.


The toilet in the train…. It’s not as bad as it looks… At least there’s no smell.

The cali thing about this toilet bowl was….. the hole lead straight to the railway….
Meaning to say, if you poop or pee, you will leave a poop/pee trail on the rail road. HAHAHAHHAHAA.
Imagine that! Imagine if lausai!


12 hours on the train and we reached Mumbai! It was a lot warmer compare to Delhi and Goa, hence… got a bit of smell also.


Our home for the next 3 days.
New Bengal Hotel.


Lee Chien said...

the train not bad.. even the food looks nice as well. :)

Nonnie King said...

yes! its super bearable!
my favorite mode of transport became train ever since my india trip