Thursday, June 7, 2012

Incredible India: Day 6–Dolphin Trip, Eat, Sleep, Jalan and I lost the room key!

Forcing myself to complete the India posts before I fly off this Saturday for my annual MUST-VISIT-ONE-NEW-PLACE objective. Bobby was calling me lazy because there’s nothing new to read, friends asking why I don’t update my blog anymore… Err… errr… I admit lah, I malas + no motivation bah.

Anyways, back to Goa!
Saya suka sangat lah tempat ini!


The padlock of our humble little hut~

Basically.. they celebrate everything apart from death..
*choi! tai kak lai si!*

Some people prefer to rent kayak and row themselves into the sea to see dolphin. Since it was out first time, we chose the safe tourist way, get a boat.

Abang Agent bringing us to our boat.



The other boats and kayaks waiting for the dolphins.

I don’t have any nice clear shot of the dolphins so don’t expect any photos of dolphins here ya. Maurina got some better one. So, after the spotting the dolphins, the boat man brought us to see some other islands in Palolem. Butterfly Island, Honeymoon Island *If you know what I mean* He told us that they would drop the tourists (couples *cough*) and picked them up 2 to 3 hours later. *MAJOR COUGH*

Of course, also got family doing the island hopping lah. I swear, the above photo was not taken intentionally focusing on the “peach” ah.

Back to our the beach~

Yummy breakfast while having my toes wriggling in the sand.

And back to our hut relaxing…
Such was our lives in Palolem… Sleep, eat, jalan, sleep, eat, jalan…

Ni nah… Kak Maurina doing laundry.

Uncle si Babe cari makan

And we were that close to them! Of course, I was there to protect her lah.

So sweet lahhhhhhhhh
I hope when I’m at that age, my husband still want to hold my hand and bawa jalan…. with passion of course. Don’t want those macam dissing type.

Got myself a dolphin ring here and an elephant pendant for Maurina.

We passed by this, and when pusing balik, we couldn’t find it anymore!
We wanted to makan there bah!

Blow… Horn….

A guesthouse named “My Soulmate”

Other hotel/guesthouse/huts that we passed by. Lawa, but quite far (as in compare to Cuba lah) from the beach.

Everyday also happy hours~

Went to the restaurant of the hotel next to us…. Bleurghhhh… not nice one the food! Sibeh limpeh not nice! We made a good choice of dining in Cuba all the time eh.


After the not so satisfying meal, we rent a kayak (because they ran out with the single one) and seriously, we.. or rather, I… have terrible body coordination! We were always spinning in circles sampai Maurina gave up and we took turns to paddle. Cannot both together, pusing pusing tu. Hehehhehehehehee.

And… for our last night in Palolem, what better than huge BBQ seafood feast again in Cuba!

The freshness from the sea
(Tapi nada katam…..)

If you notice all our dinner in Cuba Goa ah… you will realized that our seafood got bigger and bigger everyday! Hahahhahhaa!
We had red snapper (Big!), squids and prawns again. Puas eh!
We finished all of it don’t play play!

And while chilling by the beach admiring the fireworks, I realized I don’t have the room key with me! I searched high and low for it and last last, quickly dashed back to our hut. The key was there, hanging in the key hole…



But the good thing was, none of our thing was lost or stolen~ Phew….

So I happily pranced back to the restaurant swinging the key ready to shout to Maurina that I found the key. And….. the stupidest thing happened! The straw tying the key went loose and the key flew away… I was walking on the beach that time, at night. With no spotlights or anything…

Mana itu kunci??????

FML kao kao!
Really stupid kan!

The chefs of the BBQ stand and also the staff helped me looking for the key with torch light but…. how can wor.. So in the end I went to the counter and they gave me another key, with no extra charge. Maybe they biasa guests hilang their keys already because they acted as if it’s very normal.

And that ends my posts in Goa.
Next, train ride to Mumbai!

I hope I can finish all the India posts within these 2 days lah.
Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

nonnie, how much did you get the air fryer for? review on it please? hehe

Nonnie King said...

I got it for $399.. so so so much more expensive compare to the $299 now!

Maybe one day i'll compile all the pics of the air fried food i made

Julian Booth said...

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