Thursday, December 1, 2011

Will be back with moooooaaarrrrrrr

So it’s the school holiday already!!!!
But, I’m not quite having the “natural wake up” benefit yet because will be flying off tomorrow with Mau.
Woo, can’t wait!

(You know this blog is only happening when the owner goes traveling and has lots to say)

And I’ve been really busy with work, like super ultra busy. Well, I believe it applies to everyone else too rushing deadlines, organizing events, preparing presentation/proposal and stuffs.

Anyways, some photos for y’all to see.


Our theme for annual dinner this is Arabian night. And I recycled my baju from last year (60s) and piled up some make up and accessories, it worked! Hahhahahaha.

Although…. people commented that I looked more like Pocahontas.
I agree.

But still, I did everything myself including the make up. Not saying that I’m very good at it but okay la, at least it didn’t look like I got punched in the eyes or a brown panda escaped from zoo. It was my first time lining my eyes like that and also because I don’t have any brow pencil, I put dapped on some black eye shadow powder and created a shinchan look.

What! All Arabians have really thick and dark eyebrows what~


Oh ya, I got my wish list for the exchange of gift. Well… I asked for an extension cord and the secret santa gave me a little extra special, a headband! (The one I was wearing on the above left pic)

After the dinner, we headed to the bowling center for a tournie. For the first 15 mins, we just barged in with our arabian attires until everyone went to change and looked more “normal”. I just took off my head gear then viola!

And yesterday, I went to my very first garden wedding.

The deco was so pretty, with the sunset and breezy wind and cute flower boys and girls, it was so perfect and romantic!

I went a little teary when the pastor read the vows.
Oh wedding, how sweet and romantic~

Bah, that’s it lah.
bye bye, be back in a week or two.

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