Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seoul Fun: Day 5 – Myeong Dong

Nothing much for day 5 because IT’S SHOPPING DAY!!!!!


Crowds everywhere and it’s just too much to shop for, especially those cosmetic shops like Holika-Holika and Etude House. Damn, you’ll dissed the branches here after you shop there seriously. It’s way cheaper over there, like… 50% cheaper than the price here, with the latest product and really helpful staffs.

(And, the person who bought the most is not me nor Vai, it’s the guy)



Breakfast time at Coffine Gurunaru.

Those thick toasts look so yummeh!

Waiting for their food

Just opposite the Lotte this-and-that.
(There’s Lotte Department store, Lotte Young, Lotte Avenue)


(For bigger view, click here)

The call-waiting device.

SL was totally Barney that day, blending in to the arm chair.

Bacon Panini for me and SL.

Apple and cinnamon thick toast for Vai

Still quite empty at 11am.

Where we had our breakfast =)

Super-duper long queue.
Got so cheap mah?

Super convenient for us. We shopped a lot when we’re at the grocery dept.



We had enough of Korean food and went to Pizza Hut! Best decision ever.
Super yummy!


I think Brunei one nicer lo. And.. I prefer chili sauce than mustard tyvm.

Really yummeh!


Took this picture in Holika-Holika because I saw the word “Brunei” in it.
(And later got told “No pictures please”)

All mine.
Go imagine how I carried those for few hours.
The Holika-Holika bag is super big somemore. The staff saw me carried so many things and gave me a bigger bag.

SL’s .. men shops more terror than women okay.

Hi Wu Chun.

They can watch tv from their mobile!

I was really tempted to get mine fix also… even old old mobile (as long as got color I think) can watch tv.

Nam dae mun

The stream….. forgot what name… we just called it “longkang”

sweet dao

Nothing much to buy here because it’s pricier compare to Myeong Dong. I saw the exact same pair of shoes I bought in Coex Mall that costs 25,000 won and it was selling at 33,000 won there.

Actually, my friend Nana (who stayed in Korea for a year) told me that the cheapest place to buy thing is at those shops at MRT station.

And for me, just Coex Mall and Myeong Dong are enough to shop liao.


Since Vai didn’t follow us out, we went to Myeong Dong Gyoza restaurant for dinner.
#5 in Tripadvisor and man, we’re definitely not disappointed!

Only 4 items on the menu, kalguksu (knife-cut noodles), mandoo, bibimkuksu, and another noodle dish.
And people kept flocking in although it was already 9pm and they close at 9.30pm.

Sibeh nice this one! Maybe because it taste more like… our local noodle soup. The dumplings big big one okay.

This one tasted like rojak

Inspired by mahjong table ka?

Mandoo! Seriously, a lot for 2 of us.
At my 3rd piece I was already super full.

Skin thin thin, meat thick thick.
No wonder so popular.

Love that heavy bronze bowl.

The restaurant.


Bah, that’s it.


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