Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My very first attempt in fasting

8.15am : Woke up
8.35am : Drank a cup of Green tea protein drink (don't ask, my mom just mixed it for me as my daily energy drink)
8.45am : Decided to blog about it
8.50am : Wonder what time should I eat breakfast and think if I can tahan till dinner time
9.30am : Ate Kolomee veryyyyy slowwwwwwwlllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (so that I don't have to be hungry for a longer time, walaupun seminit)
12:30pm : Short nap after watching few episodes of Kangxi Lai le
2.30pm : Woke up by sms asking me to go tea
2.45pm: Sampai Universal cafe but just order a drink while my useless friends ordered a table of french toast with cheese, butter toast, roti kahwin and teased me asking if I'm going to convert, else why was I even thinking of fasting....
5.30pm : Went online and check the sungkai time!
6.15pm : Had a snicker bar in my hand until the chocolate melted a little when it's finally time
6.35pm : Ate the snicker bar, some corn crackers and asked my mom when dinner was going to be served.

I have whole new level of respect towards people who are fasting now don't play play! And now when my students ask me, "Cikgu puasa kah?", at least I can say "Yes, cikgu puasa, tapi cikgu drink water..... fail a bit". A student even encouraged me and asked me try not to drink and gave me tips.

Anyways, my puasa fail one. Because I "sahur" at 8am and still drink water... Give me some time to get used to it and maybe one day I can really do the no-cheat fasting!


Effy said...

hahaha.. apa lah. but good try!

-dee- said...

*claps hand*