Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jalan-jalan, cari makan

This is a aimless post with recent photos taken in restaurants. You know, filler post.

Last week, oh wait, it’s already last last week (!), Bobby and I decided to try out Bann Nucha Restaurant in the Mall while waiting for our movie (Rapunzle/Tangled) to start since we’d heard a lot of positive reviews about this restaurant. Even a couple of my Thai friends who’d been to Brunei said Bann Nucha serves authentic Thai food that tastes no different from those at home.

Bobby’s hot tea and my super yummy lime drink.

P1140102 P1140101
When no one is there to take photo for us, I can only resolve to this and act as if it’s a photo taken together.

Papaya salad, LESS SPICY because both Bobby and I can’t really take spicy food. Still, it was too spicy for me to handle, it’s still pretty good nonetheless.

Pandan Chicken. Tad oily but the sweet chili sauce is something to die for!

Kampung style tom yam soup. It’s not totally clear nor red, it’s just right with a generous amount of seafood in it. Squid, fish, prawn even CRAB!

RUBBIESSSSSS! I love love love rubbies! It’s actually water chestnuts coated in this QQ glutinous coating. I fell in love when I first had it in Bangkok and this particular bowl had jackfruit to go with it. I was in heaven!

Mango sticky rice. Now this one was a big disappointment. Of course there’s nothing wrong with the mango slices, but the glutinous rice was so hard and dry that made it so difficult to chew and swallow.
Disappointed smile

The total bill (plus 2 bowl of plain rice) was BND30.00. Pretty reasonable I guess.
And I think I’ll go back there for more of those rubbies!

Next, photos of my colleagues and I hunting for breakfast. This was when the school holiday started and we’re not “curi-tulang-ing” okay.

Arina and Sheepy

The male teachers and Princess Syara.

Aww… how adorable is that little girl! (Tag for some unknown baby photo contest what the fish. Hahhahaha. No lah, just kidding)

Had breakfast together again the very next day because the colleague unsuccessfully belanja us because a parent footed the bill. So we had another breakfast session, which.. we all jokingly said must find a restaurant with parents inside to try our luck, see got free meal again or not. Muahahahhaa.

Oh, 8 of us squeezed inside the car and it was like a road trip once again. So fun!

The very same bunch of people.

Lunching out in Excapade, where else?
Excapade is just so near to our school so it becomes a popular lunch-out place for us.
And, we’re so not ready to give Misato another chance. Sorry Misato.

Oh, that’s a puppet bunny that Zeti was holding. Teachers keep all sort of nonsense in their bags.

Okay, that’s all for now.

Will blog again soon, I hope.

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