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BN Honeymoon 2013: Roman Colosseum

Okay, technically the first city we visited was London and not Rome since we landed there first, but it was only for a day when we hopped the earliest flight the next morning to Rome. Hence I’m starting the compilation of our journey with Rome.

After reaching the airport, with a couple of helps from the service counter, we bought train tickets to go to the city and that’s when we started to feel a little… uneasy…

IMG_8539 (640x480)
Inside the train going to the city

The specialized space for putting luggage was already packed so we had no choice but lugged ours to our seats (free seating btw) but the walkway in between was really narrow and if we put our luggage there it would caused inconvenience for people who wished to get through. So, without any choice, we put our luggage at our leg space and wished someone with luggage will get off the train soon so we could take that space.


IMG_8540 (640x480)
No skyscrapers outside the vandalized window.

When people asked me how was Rome, the first word I used to describe was “Ghetto”. Then Maurina asked me, how ghetto? I was like… errmm… Karol Bagh ghetto.. *if you get what I mean*


IMG_8541 (640x480) IMG_8542 (640x480)

We’re supposed to get off at this certain station and then take metro to the station which is like 5 minutes walk to our hotel but…… soi soi ah… when we’re waiting for the metro, there was no signs of any coming. Then there was an announcement in Italian and everyone just started leaving in a hurry. Then, when we tried to ask someone what’s going on (in English), nobody seemed to care and just pretended they didn’t hear us.

Yup. For this particular travel experience, we felt that Italians were the most unfriendly people and on the contrary, French were actually pretty nice!

Guess who we asked for help in the end, POLICEMEN!
Good looking Italian polices with rifles and shields standing outside the station.

(You don’t say not scary when that was the first thing you encountered when in a foreign place. And…. all metro stations were closed that day with grills down and guards standing there…. )

IMG_8625 (640x480)
Can-see-cannot-take-metro (on the day of arrival. The rest of our journey was all on foot or metro already)

IMG_8543 (640x480)IMG_8545 (480x640) IMG_8546 (480x640)
The hotel we stayed. I love the location! Walking distance to almost everywhere! *unless you lazy to walk lah~*

Well, they don’t say “All roads lead to Rome” for no reason.

Chose to stay in Cavour instead of Termini because
1) Walking distance to Colosseum, Roman Forum and trust me, we even walked all the way to Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain.
2) Termini area unsafe at night and it’s a little shabby.

You might want to read this http://www.rome.info/tips/avoid/ before you visit.

Location of Hotel Paba, 88 euros per night (breakfast *served in your room* included)

And check that old school elevator out. When we arrived the building (it’s a block with several units inside and these units transformed into mini hotels), we were quite skeptical about the elevator because it looked so old and… unsafe. Hence, we stupidly lugged our luggage all the way up three flights of stairs! *shows biceps* .But after seeing people used it then we also let our guard down and use liao.

IMG_8547 (640x480)
Curbside gas station

IMG_8548 (480x640) IMG_8549 (640x480)IMG_8550 (640x480)
Spray paint art anyone?

IMG_8551 (640x480)
Walking towards the Colosseum and look at that huge christmas tree.
Got bigger one again in the following post.. if I not lazy.

By the way, we got ourselves Roma Pass which was extremely useful because … aiyah check the website yourself lah. Lazy say.

IMG_8556 (640x480)
Well hello there~ Again, the feeling was so surreal when we walked inside. The kind of feelings like you have goosebumps all over thinking how can people built such magnificent building in 70AD.


IMG_8557 (640x480) IMG_8559 (640x480) IMG_8561 (640x480)IMG_8562 (640x480) IMG_8563 (640x480)IMG_8564 (640x480)

IMG_8569 (480x640) IMG_8571 (640x480)
Sien already or not keep seeing our faces?

IMG_8568 (640x480)
The hypogeum

IMG_8574 (640x480)
Arch of Constantine, seen from the Colosseum.

A bit sad because they are restoring the other half and I couldn’t take a nice picture of it. I don’t know lah, maybe because I learned some of those ancient buildings and art through my first module in UBD, Visual Art, and got exposed to ancient art from Egypt, Roman and Greek, that’s why I grew a little attached to it and was super excited when I know I can see all those arts with my own eyes.

There’s a lot of moments of -  “Baby! I ever read about this in my notes. This one ah, bla bla bla bla” continuing talking for the next few minutes and “I must take picture! I’m so looking forward for the “Art History” module that I’ll be taking in my second year!”


IMG_8578 (640x480) IMG_8580 (640x480)IMG_8581 (640x480)

More of our faces wtf (Well this blog is so dead I might as well revive it by posting super many photos of myself so people still remember how I look like double wtf)

IMG_8591 (640x480)
Obligatory “look far away don’t know thinking of what” super poser pic

IMG_8593 (480x640)
Resting because damn big man this Colosseum and baru walk half round nia!

IMG_8594 (480x640) IMG_8595 (640x480)
Inside the Colosseum, one particular area showcasing ancient art

 IMG_8596 (480x640)
Super steep stairs that made me hold on super tight to the hand rails. HSE pass! No PAKAT!

IMG_8598 (640x480)
Outside the Colosseum with super duper many tourists


Next, Roman Forum.

IMG_8599 (480x640) IMG_8600 (480x640)IMG_8601 (640x480)

The Roman Forum is a rectangular forum (plaza) surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings at the center of the city of Rome. It’s just next to the Colosseum.

IMG_8603 (640x480)IMG_8605 (480x640)

All pics must have some strangers’ butts inside… fml

IMG_8606 (640x480)
Can read ka? This is the burial ground

 IMG_8607 (480x640) IMG_8608 (480x640)
One of the temple I don’t know what name

IMG_8615 (640x480) IMG_8619 (640x480)
Grab every sitting chance!!!

IMG_8621 (640x480)
Checking out the sculpture

IMG_8624 (640x480)
Walking back to Via Cavour because we’re damn tired already.

(Early flight from London to Rome, went through a lot of hassle to reach the hotel, walking up the stairs with our luggage and hours of walking around the Colosseum and Roman Forum, not forgetting still a little jetlag. We slept at 8pm that night after a simple dinner and I woke up at 2am and watched the sad episodes of “Hippocratic Crush 2” – On Call 36 小時 2 and cried till like what when che-che 車車 died. Bobby was like, WHAT HAPPENED?! WHY YOU CRYING MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!! and I went WHY SHE SO CHAM!!!! SO KERLIEN LAH!!!! …. )

IMG_8626 (640x480)

Last unrelated photo. A cute compact street sweeper because I suaku and sakai never see before.


- to be continued -


-until further notice wtf-

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