Monday, March 4, 2013

Awesome 3.3.13

Yup.. my bad… totally wrecked my 2013 resolution by not blogging for that long. Was really really busy with a lot of things, maybe more on that later. For now, let me share with you all my awesome last Sunday!


It was Maurina and GD’s big day and when we received the invitation card, we (as in Girly Bloggers) were already woo-ing and ahhh-ing bombarding Mau with our curiosity! Oh come on, it’s a fusion between traditional malay wedding and beach wedding, of course we were all very nosy trying to pry every single details!

It was just so unique.

The jemputan started from 8.30am to 9.30am. Earliest wedding reception ever, next to the beach on a sunny and windy Sunday. Beat that!



Maurina forgot to mention “footwear optional” in the card and when Atul took her shoes off, it was like she was collecting sand and sea shells. Hahhahaaa.

GD looked really happy and all smiley and our beautiful Maurina giving demure smile looking great in her dress.

Congrats dear!

6 Girly Bloggers, 4 married.. 2 more to go! (those sitting on the left of the above photo btw)

Time flies… When we all met in 2006, Ness just returned from Perth, Dee was on her study break (I think?), I just started working as a teacher and Atul, Tina and Maurina were still studying in UBD / ITB. Now look at us!

6 years ago….

Last December 2012, during my wedding reception. 3 months later, it was our turn to attend theirs~

Anyways, one of the biggest attraction that day….


The photo booth!

Because my husband very game when layan-ing me.



After attending GD & Maurina’s wedding, ran few errands and rushed to KB for Vai’s birthday lunch with the Garden Circlings.

Happy Vai with Yuen on her right and a busy Bang on her left.

Went to Naafi then brought them all to what Seria people will all do on a Sunday afternoon, tea-ing in Universal Café!

Greedy cat En-En couldn’t get enough of Universal’s The-C~
Super cute.

Then went back to KB again to pay the tickets for our honeymoon and was this () near in hitting Melborne’s air mile! DULAN!



Only when I reached home, then I realized I don’t have my house keys with me… (It was with Bobby) and my mom was in Seria so yeye brought me back to Seria again. After my mom picked me up, her friend wanted to go to Supa Save and there I bumped into Baby Ethan!

Innocent doe eyes!

Actually I had another birthday dinner to attend but I seriously had no more strength to do it. So I spent the rest of the night doing nothing but sat on my couch and watched tv!

There, my great weekend!


-dee- said...

Correction, Ness from Brisbane.. 2006 I already finish uni.. hahaha..

Nonnie King said...

HAHAHAHHAh! Ingat lagi tu Dee!

-dee- said...

awuuu because we aussies know were we at LOL!