Sunday, April 1, 2012

Snippets of March 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates but anyhoos, here’s something to make this blog alive (temporarily)

Went to Sibu (mom’s kampung) during the school holiday and spent most of my time at my aunt’s having my mom and her siblings chit-chatting. I didn’t get to buy anything at all! Fine, I bought one pack of instant noodles (kolo mee pok because I am curious) and two keropoks…. Damn unhealthy I know.

Came across this gerai BUGGER!

I was laughing non-stop when I saw it and the passersby (who find nothing wrong with it) looked puzzled why I gila there. Too bad the bugger store was closed else maybe I can try to show you all the buggers they served. HAHAHAHHAHHA.

Find anything wrong with the above pic?

I didn’t noticed too until my cousin told me….


The reason behind is because flood occurs all the time in that area hence they built it this way. Tapi, could have built some steps also right?

The contrast. Kampung and the city. The “port” eroded last couple of years and some houses went straight into the river..

A bird nest house with no staircase…. How they expect to get into the house I wonder

My first meal in Sibu!
Seriously, awesome sea cucumber soup my aunt made! Knowing that I only get to drink that when I’m in Sibu, my aunt made it for me whenever she could and on my last night there, I drank 4 bowls of it! BLOATED!

A small birthday cake for my boss cuz. Probably the scariest boss on earth (to her staffs).

Don’t play play, Sibu also got Temple street can!


must-eat in Sibu! Gong-Piang with minced meat! *drools*

Practically what I did everyday when I was in Sibu, EAT!

love the sweet potato!

spinach noodle kampua! Have you ever?

Mom’s pumpkin fried meehoon

There were a LOT of students in that van!

School boys waiting for their transports in a petrol station just across their school.

Something I saw quite a lot in Sibu. These day the best revenge seems like spoiling the person’s reputation through A4 paper I guess?

Instead of the usual pork soup to down with kampua, my cuz ordered LAKSA SOUP! With meat balls, fish balls and fish cakes! Cool!

Kampua with a super fail sunny side up

Then back to Brunei, another farewell for DoraMabel
(That tray on the bottom right is the famous Seria Fried Kuay Tiaw don’t play play! My friends really know what to eat)


Party rocking on a Monday night

We were all reminiscing the past and then le wild idea appears…



Okay, terus skip to peking duck also lah. Hahhahahhahaa

Wasabi prawn from All Seasons.

Porridge and fried kailan

Salted egg prawn balls


Ginger onion duck. Tenderness~

Random pic again. Bobby filling up the air for my tyres, the one job I hate because
1) I have no patience
2) I am very careless (I lose the valve stem cap all the time)

And yesterday my handsome and pretty friend from KL suddenly sent me a text telling me that they’re in Brunei and I terus zoomed and picked them up and toured them around. Finally they are convinced Brunei is not that ULU!

Him, suffering from occupational diseases trying to find the best angle, changing lenses and all sorts when taking photos. Oh ya, he’s the guy behind 

Bruneians are damn fun! These 4 guys sat in a row, flipped and fell in to the pool. It was damn hilarious and then we requested them to do it again and they layan-ed!

The staffs preparing the tea light candles for Earth Hour

I miss the time when I was (a lot) taller than him! And Tling, forever gorgeous and friendly.

brought them to pasar malam

Tling finding the kuehs interesting. Despite of living in Brunei for almost 20 years, the number of times Yen Kai been to BSB is less than 10 times, which kind of explain why he always thought of Brunei as “kampung” and “ulu”. He used to live in Sg. Liang and honestly, back in the days we (my batch) rarely traveled up BSB and were all super sakai.

Bah, the end.



Bah, the end.


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Ok .. one comment... the guy serving peking duck looks scary ... don upset him when he;s serving ...!

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