Saturday, January 7, 2012

For the past week

Just a short recap what happened for the past week, which is new year eve to current day.

Went to Miri on 31.12.2011 with mom and auntie at 6am because the myth was “YOU GO MIRI SUPER LONG QUEUE! CANNOT MAKE IT! QUEUE 3 HOURS!”…. And of course, since we’re already there at the borders at 6.15am, WHERE GOT QUEUE! And also, for Bobby and SL who went at 2pm, FussyKelly and KL at 4pm, STILL NO QUEUE!


Craved for ketam for dinner and went to Yu-Ha-Hai for new year eve big feast and waited for an hour… still no food. The restaurant auntie said there’s only 2 chefs in the kitchen and like 20 tables waiting so couldn’t help to serve faster. Even the drinks arrived 45 minutes late!

So in the end, we gave up waiting and when we’re leaving, they said the midin and si-ham were ready. Had those tapau-ed and went to eat lamb chops at gerai instead..



IMG_3742 IMG_3746

Oh ya, finally popped my *cough* clubbing cherry!

And… “lam” after countdown and went back to hotel at 12.45am..
Very loser-ish I know. Hahhahahahhaa



Moving house in a week’s time.

Been really busy hunting for furniture, curtains and whatnots. Not to mention packing and transporting boxes. Now I’m left with air conditioners, Astro installation, telephone line and Espeed to worry off. Oh, and stove too. And paint the ugly wall also.

And last Thursday, had a last steamboat at my barek with the besties… We are all so going to miss my old place! BWAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Will organize a moving-out sale soon, but probably after CNY because I don’t think I have the time to label the stuffs. So for those who are interested in checking out what’s for sale, please go to my facebook album. I’ll try to update the album more frequently I promise!

Album here:


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