Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Vietnam

Last Sunday, after a fruitful day spent with a bunch of gorgeous ladies, FussyKelly and I went roaming around the “opposite Boulevard” area (I don’t what you call that place) and looked for a place to eat. And when we passed by Little Vietnam, everyone agreed to eat there and we never regret the choice we made!

It was really really good!

The menu

Sure it’s a little pricey but it’s damn worth it!
It tasted very very similar to those I tried in Ho Chi Minh especially the spring rolls!

The environment

AIYAHHH!!! I wanted to buy those instant noodles one but I forgot till I saw the above right picture!

The fried spring rolls! So yummy that after the first size, we immediately ordered another set!

Ice Coffee

I normally avoid coffee because it gives me headache but this is the only coffee that I’m brave enough to try!
I’m not a coffee lover but I like this.

Seafood Tang Hoon

I tried the broth, definitely not those with MSG creating a fake sweetness and make you thirsty after eating. It’s so original. Okay, I don’t know what that original means but it’s good lah! GO TRY!

My Pho Beef – PERFECT MEAT! Soft and tender with a pleasing texture to chew on.

Beef Stew. Seems a little oily but it’s not mine and a friend’s friend ordered it, so I didn’t dipped my spoon in it.

But overall, I LOVE IT A LOT!

p/s: I’m not sure if it’s halal or not…


48 said...

looks good.. but ya very pricey leh.. even here vietnamese only about $10 leh..

Nonnie King said...

eh dang.. itu RM lahhh~
and i sut u ah, so long don see u online!