Friday, April 21, 2006

School No High People + Swearing

Sigh... study so much for what?
Kanasai one... email also dunno how to write properly
What's with those ???? , !!!!!, BOLD and HIGHLIGHTED words?
People not blind la.. no need write till like tat kua?
So kurang ajar.. Sau-Si-Bai..

Then ah.. always some kanasai people who dunno how to use a round about
Cilaka one.. nearly bang me ah..
no study law one meh? Kopi-O lesen ka?
Simply makan ppl's lane..

(Too bad I still haven't master the art of "HORNING"
Yes, eventho I feel very mad,
I still can't seems to press the horn
But just swear all out what I know in my life
Hokkien, Foochow, Hakka, Chinese, English..)

Speaking of swearing.. yesterday while chatting with Alex
I asked him, "Will u swear infront of ur kids if some f*ckin idiot just rush out and makan your lane?
He says if the kids is there he will replaced the "words" by some other nicer one
like Bastard -> Basket
Muthaf*cker -> Hamburger

For me.
F*ck -> Fish maybe? (that's me)
Cao-Ci-*toot* -> Sau-si-bai (learn it from some colleague back in my attachment in some local bank..)

Oh well.. Alex says swearing won't go to Hell boh..
But i think i'll quit (and force my husband to do the same too) if we have kids next time la..
Seeing kids at young age swear just make me furious la..
I remember if i accidentally say filthy words out,
i light light hit my mouth and remind myself not to say that again
But.. not very useful huh?
I picked up swearing after my secondary,
not very serious la.. just kadang-kadang bleep out
Being with Hong and Keith and my dear fellow colleagues here "enhanced" my swearing skill.
Well, Bobby swears too... when the parking he found kana taken,
when he met his frens (the normal way of saying "Hi" to each other)
when he hurts himself.. and so on

Haha. Not pushing the blame to them

cos i know it needs 2 hands to clap

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